Monday, October 17, 2011

A Pole And A Piece Of Fabric - Day 1

We started class today.
I can not believe all the different ideas Jan has come up with for us to try.
It is going to be a great week if today was any indication. And from previous experience I know it will be - any class at the Barn is just the best.

To start the day we learned many ways to wrap the fabric around the poles. We use PVC plumbing pipe for poles. This is just one of the poles I wrapped waiting for it's turn in the dye pot.

This is the first group of dyepots being stirred by the designated stirrers.

These are my first 3 pieces of fabric and they were dyed in the first dyepots.

This was today's lunch - delicious!

We had warm freshly baked cookies for our 3 p.m. snack, along with other interesting delicious fruits, nuts and candies.

Dinner was wonderful and concluded with a blueberry dessert.

What more could a girl (or for that matter even a guy) ask for? Great company, excellent instruction, great finished product and meals to please the discriminating palate.


Lisa in Penna said...

Kay, I can't wait to see what you come up with! I wanted to be there too, but I sold at a show instead. Now I have to spend some hours experimenting - I'll keep an eye here for inspiration! Thanks for blogging!

Jeanne Marklin said...

The Barn + Jan = fiber heaven!
Have a great time - looking forward to seeing more photo's.

Joan said...

love your results! have to ask ... is the corner of your fabric stapled to the PVC? if so, I haven't seen that done before.

Kay Koeper Sorensen said...

I have stapled a piece of tyvek with my name on it to the corner of the fabric so after the fabrics are finished we can find our own fabric.