Friday, May 26, 2017

Still Dyeing

I don’t think I’ll every tire of Ice Dyeing.
Each piece is a new surprise. I play and try different fabric manipulations and colors on each and every one.
I can’t even remember how I did many of them when they are finished. And that is good.
When I made a quick visit to my show this winter before heading south there was a lady there who kept telling me how I should make a record of exactly how I did each one so I could duplicate it. It took me a long time to make her understand that I was creating ART and had no desire to make the same thing over and over. In fact, even if I tried there still would be many variables and each one would be different.
That is the difference between an ART Ice Dyer and a production Ice Dyer.

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Where Is That Quilt? Part 4

These are the final pictures of the quilts I have laid flat on the bed.
Layer 17
Layer 18
Layer 28
Layer 29
Layer 30
These photos are not meant to show the quilts in their best light…just the way I store them and a teaser as to what they look like.
The rest of the quilts are either stored under the bed on 2 trolleys we built to store them, stored elsewhere or are on display in my lower level gallery or throughout our home.
Yes, I have been rearranging and sorting quilts so they are more accessible.
I hope you have enjoyed this journey through some of my work. These pieces were done over a period of time. My work changes and grows, but I hope it stands the test of time.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Where Is That Quilt?-Part 3

This group of quilts are all from a series I designed called Historic Concepts- Contemporary Systems.
I used antique quilts for inspiration but did not copy any one specific quilt. I collected fabrics for many years and made kits for all of them. The kits were all very limited editions. I did this long before reproductions fabrics were available. They would not have the feeling of an antique quilt had a used one of the series of reproduction quilts available recently. Many antique quilts were made from scraps and leftovers.
Layer 19
Layer 20
Layer 21
Layer 22
Layer 23
Layer 24
Layer 25
Layer 26
Layer 27
Many people learned to quilt with this series of quilt kits I made. They were all very limited editions as I had a limited amount of the appropriate fabrics.
All but one of these were hand quilted.

Monday, May 22, 2017

Where Is That Quilt–Part 2

I am continuing to show you the layers of quilts on my bed in my studio where I can store them flt.
Layer 9
Layer 10
IMG_5772Layer 11
Layer 12
Layer 13
Layer 14
Layer 15
Layer 16
There is quite a variety of quilts in this stack. They were stacked in the manner they fit best on the bed.

Where Is That Quilt?

Although I have a photographic memory, each and every time I rearrange and organize things I often have a hard time remembering exactly where things are.
I have done this before and I am doing it again as things have made major moves in my quilt storage areas.
It is going to take several days to share all the layers of quilts with you on my blog. This is the bottom quilt on the bed I use to store quilts flat.
Layer 2
Layer 3
Layer 4
Layer 5
Layer 6
Layer 7
Layer 8
I know some of you have seen many of these before. I hope you enjoy another glimpse of them.
This is not my any means a record of all of the quilts I have ever made as over half of them are no longer in my possession.

Sunday, May 21, 2017

The Show Is Over, But The Memory Lingers On

My show at the Anderson Arts Center In Kenosha closed almost 2 months ago.

If you missed the show I am sharing the entire show on this post!


Here are most of the Ice Dyes Tapestries.


This shows the largest pieces and some vertical pieces.


And last but not least the shibori quilts and other similar quilted work.

I was not there for the closing but my work was pick up by a friend.

I was so pleased to see how carefully it was arranged in my studio.

I know you can’t see each layer in the stacks of work, but hopefully the show will make an appearance  in your area in the next few years.

The show has been scheduled already for another solo show. Stay tuned for details at a later date.

I am  currently in the process of taking bookings. If you know of a museum or art center that would be appropriate for this show please have them contact me.

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Nicholas James Sorensen

One week ago today my grandson Nicholas graduated from the University Of Wisconsin-Madison.
Congratulations Nicholas.
He will spend the summer tending his garden, fishing and I am guessing playing some golf.
In August he will be studying dentistry at the University Of Minnesota.
I know you will be an exceptional dentist when you graduate.

Friday, May 19, 2017

Oh Oh Oh…Pretty Colors….Fascinating Design


This is another one of my newest ice dyes.

I PLAYED….and that is how I create some exciting ART!

I could never get what I do if I didn’t let my mind wander and continue to try new manipulations of my fabric and the dyes.

It is hard to share how gorgeous some of these are in a photo as there is so much detail, true color and shapes that can’t be seen in a small picture.

It was hard to end my dyeing season for the next few months with so many ideas swirling around in my head. I did jot down some ideas so I’ll be ready to hit the ground running when I am ready to dye again.