Sunday, January 13, 2019

Saturday’s Purging!

cushions new on lanai couch
Now at home with part of my Florida Family.
The wicker dining table went too. I can’t find a picture of it.
It is  going to have a beautiful new home.

Friday, January 11, 2019

I Am Lucky To Be Alive


Do you see the difference?

Wednesday evening I was in the bedroom neatening things up.
All of a sudden the light bridge fell with no warning. It fell right where my head would have been if I had been sleeping in the bed. It is extremely heavy…maybe 50 pounds of solid vintage rosewood.
Once it was down the mirrors were in a precarious position and could have fell on my head if I went to sleep.
Fortunately my good friends John and Lynn came over and took the mirrors down and put them in a safe place temporarily. The light bridge will also be put in a safe place. I will not be putting this back together for now.
This had been like this for over 12 years and I have no idea why it fell now.
Although I was not hurt at all physically, mentally this had an impact on me thinking what could have happened had I been sleeping. It was after 2:30 am before I got to sleep.

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Honey I’m Home Again!

This is my 2400th blog post!
I love seeing the flowers on this bush in January!
I never tire of this view.
These are the first 4 of the 6 boxes I sent myself.  They have all been emptied and what was in them has been put away.
Some of the things I send are fragile and yarn makes good packing material and then I can knit something with it.
It is great to be here enjoying warmer weather.

Saturday, January 5, 2019

Collection In Color

You may know I am a collector of assorted things. I don’t collect valuable things, just affordable things that appeal to me.
A relatively recent collection is Fiesta flatware. It is affordable and I love adding new colors. Of course you all know color is my middle name!

This is the Swirl pattern and it has been discontinued for quite some time so almost every piece I have is pre-owned. Most of it has been bought as odd lots.
I have quite a bit and probably will only be buying a few pieces in colors I don’t have if the price is right.
I have all of it in a lazy susan container and people can choose the color they want to use for a meal.

Monday, December 31, 2018

January To December, We Had Moments To Remember!

In January I finished this miniature quilt that I had started about 20 years earlier. The quilt is about the size of a piece of notebook paper. Each log is 1/4 inch wide. It was a great way to use color to create a show stopper.
FEBRUARY was a time to dye fabric, design and create quilts while I enjoyed the Winter Olympics. It also was a time to enjoy seeing my Florida friends and family.
MARCH marked the opening of FLORIDA ICE, my solo show at the Ocala City Hall. The opening reception brought guests from Florida, Wisconsin, North Carolina and other parts of the country. What a high for me to be able to share my work in this beautiful setting with those who appreciate fine art.
APRIL brought my son Greg and daughter in law Julie to Florida for a visit and to see my show.
On May 10th, 2018 at 2:30 pm the 1,000,000 visitor visited my blog. No, I do not know who it was.

My entire Minnesota family was able to visit at the same time. This rarely happens anymore as jobs and school and activities prevent it.

In July I hung a variety of fabrics on my design wall so that they could tell me what they wanted to be and some of them did.

cabinet living roon entrance doors open
In August I had some home updates done. I gathered various things I had collected and this is one of the cabinets that new life was breathed into.

A major studio purge and reorganization was finished in September.

Image may contain: Tina Romstad, smiling, standing and hat
My Florida family celebrated Halloween in style and costume. Of course food also was an important part of it as it is of all our celebrations.

Thanksgiving with the Florida is always delicious. These are the youngest members of the family and they are all so special.

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, outdoor
I had always thought this was a high school student in Edon, Ohio dressed up as Santa Claus. I have spent the last 10 or more years trying to find out who it was. With no one knowing who it was we have come to the conclusion it must have been the REAL SANTA!.

I finished 28 quilts this year. 3 of them had been started a LONG time ago and the others were new. My goal is to finish more than that each year, but I have learned in a year I have a solo show I am lucky to get anything finished unless I need to finish if for the show.

Sunday, December 30, 2018

A Late Family Christmas

Our way of celebrating and gifting for Christmas is unique.
Most of the gifts have family memories attached.
Jared is under his new afghan I knit.
I think Nicholas is a little confused about what to do with Kermit the frog?
Julie’s Murphy Bag is a perfect match for her outfit.
Greg was a little confused as he thought Julie’s apron was for him!
Like father like son….Blake has appropriated Stephanie’s gifts.
And Stephanie is amused.

After the gift opening we played a game of VERTELL?S
A lot of laughs as questions were answered!
You might get the idea our family Christmas is not what you think of as a typical family Christmas!

Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Christmas Quilt

This is one of my favorite Christmas quilts I have made. It is in a private collection.
I designed a vest that used these blocks and made enough extras to make this quilt.

If really made a striking quilt with a lot of sparkle in the fabrics and the threads.
It was a lot of fun to make.