Monday, August 3, 2015

Messy Monday In My Studio

I needed to find one special quilt and also some quilts to hang on the stairwell.


While I was doing that I decided it was a good time to get the quilts in a logical order and put away where I could find them easily.

Not an easy task, but I’m handling it!


This is one view of some of the piles of quilts. You may wonder why I haven’t piled them all neatly.

1. Actually I wouldn’t have enough floor space to do that.

2. It is easier to see what is in each pile as I can see parts of almost every quilt.

3. A quilt is less likely to get creases if they are scrunched rather than folded.

So there you have it and I am serious about what I just said.


Another view where you can see the bed I pile a lot of my quilts on so I can keep them flat while I store them.

I have already found a few places to store some of the smaller quilts.

I did not disturb one of the piles of quilts on one of the 2 trolleys under the bed. The other one is a work in progress!

I expect this to take a while…but hopefully days, not weeks!

Sunday, August 2, 2015

New Gallery Of Quilts On Studio Stairwell

My son Greg was able to hang the 5 new quilts last night.
Although the picture is a little dark, they look great.
They are much more colorful than the last group.
Change is good.
With the exception of the largest quilt all of these are "relatively" new quilts.
I will try to get some better photos that are truer to color.

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Changing The Quilts

It is time to change the quilts I have hung on the stairwell to the studio.

You can see the quilt that are hanging now. They will be replaced by the 5 quilts that are hanging on the railing.
It's always fun to have a new view and it is good for the quilts to rest.
In many instances another reason to change them is to prevent fading. 
When I built my studio I had lowE windows installed. I also has tubes to prevent fading put on the fluorescent lights. This has worked well in the 20 years I have worked here.

Friday, July 31, 2015

Vintage Knit Dress


I am guessing I knit this dress in the early 1970’s. As I have been doing recently I knit it without a pattern. I had a limited number of skeins of a very expensive boucle yarn.

By taking my body measurements I was able to knit the dress with the amount of yarn I had.

I crocheted the edges with a cream colored yarn that was the same weight.


I even put an invisible zipper in the back of the dress, not an easy feat.


Knowing how knits can bag out I lined the entire dress. I matched the color of the lining to each part of the dress. I took darts in the lining so it would fit the body like the knit did. All seams were finished with an appropriate seam finish.


I covered a padded hanger with the same yarn to help the dress keep it’s shape. I had enough left to make a cord that could be used for a belt or used to accessorize it in another way.

This was a much more complex project than the knitting I am doing now.

I feel it is an heirloom that I hope someone will treasure.

As I look back I am amazed that I was able to take on such a complex project 40 years ago.

I never was afraid to try to create something and I feel that is why I am where I am today with my creations.

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Reupholstering Dining Room Chairs


I just finished reupholstering the seat of the first of four dining room chairs.

I was bound determined NOT to buy any fabric to cover them. I knew I had to have something that would work.

I found just enough of this fabric in an obscure bin on a top shelf.

I felt the room needed a little more green so this had just enough.


This was the original covering. These were “new to me” chairs I purchased on eBay.

The covering was slightly soiled so I decided to recover them.

The fabric I used was a lightweight linen fabric. Dining room chairs don’t get a lot of wear and tear so this should be just fine.

Amazing what one can do with a staple gun and a hammer to hammer in the staples that are sticking out.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

I’m Knitting–Black And White Shawl


Recently I was wishing I had a black and white shawl to wear when I went to restaurants where the AC was freezing cold.

I pulled out some orphan skins of black and white yarns and decided it would be a fun relaxing project to knit.

I knit without a pattern most of the time so it took me a while to come up with a plan.

I am pleased with what is happening.

It is very lightweight, yet it will keep me warm as it traps the air.

I am about one half done and will be knitting more on it today.

Monday, July 27, 2015

Sun Printing Without The Sun

I find it is more convenient to do my “sun printing” in my studio than outside.

Because the effect is really created by the way the moisture evaporates it is not necessary to have sun to do it.

It is a widely held belief that one needs a certain Brand/Type of paint for this to work.

I set out to test a different paint and it worked just fine.


I painted a large circle in the center of this fabric and then placed some foam pieces on top of the fabric while it dried overnight.


On this one I just placed two different shaped foam pieces on the different colors, but placed them paper side down.


For this one I cut up some foam shape into smaller pieces and used them to create a design.

I used a 50/50 cotton/poly blend for these pieces. It is not necessary to use PFD fabric since I am not dyeing.


I applied the paint to this fabric and then let it dry wrinkled up.

I will be doing more experiments with this paint using different fabrics.

I found there were variables that gave different results.

Some of them were how thick or thin the paint was, how well I had mixed the colors if I was using two colors to get a new color, the way the resists made contact with the fabric and how I brushed the paint on to the surface.

As per so many things there is no one RIGHT or WRONG way to do things, just different ways.

It’s a fun easy way to create your own fabric.