Thursday, April 17, 2014

Working On The Simply Sparkly Pattern



I am currently writing the pattern for Simply Sparkly.

It will be available as a FREE pattern from Robert Kaufman in May.


This is just one of the diagrams for the pattern.


This is a part of the piecing instructions.

I will be sure to let you know as soon as the pattern is available. Stay tuned to my blog.

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The finished quilt will be 70 x 70 inches.

It will be one the easiest and one of the most beautiful quilts you’ve ever made.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Another Quilt Top Ready To Layer?

When does one call it quits and say it’s done?
I guess when the quilt tells you to!
Each time I think this top is done I see an area where I think I should add “just one more piece”.
Because of the irregular shape of this I have continued to add to the edges knowing I will eventually be trimming it to a rectangular shape.
I wait to make the final trim until after I quilt it.
I just cropped the photo on the computer and I feel it is done and will work.
Yes, I’ll be totally trimming off some of the last pieces I added!
I think this will be the final design.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Long Long Ago In A Studio In The Tree Tops Before Stack n Whack and One Block Wonder!

I take credit for originating the technique of making quilts cut from 6 layers of fabrics with an equilateral triangle.
I shared and showed the resulting designed quilts at various places and within a short time Viola….someone wrote a book using a variation of my discovery.
I taught this in my Graduate School for Quilters - Design class.
Each student was given 6 of those cutsey panel prints that were designed to make a stuffed item.
It was amazing the designs they came up with using even the ugliest panels.
I really felt sorry for Myrt Jones when she was the one who received this panel print of Huckle Berry Pie or something like that.
She emailed me and told me it really was attractive. I didn’t believe her.
When you saw this in real life it was amazing. Yes, she did make a great design with an  “ugly” panel.
I wish you were able to see the actual quilt as I’m sure you’d be impressed.
The panel Adeline Carney used to create this design was some type of animal. It’s not really evident what it was in the finished work.
Her shape and border design are also very creative.
This design also can be hung in another orientation making it asymmetrical.
Of course students were allowed to use some additional fabrics to make the design work. I was so impressed with what they did. I wish I had pictures of the other quilts from the class as they were equally exciting.
 My feeling is you learn so much with a DESIGN exercise. This was a good way to make them concentrate on adesign that had balance and  harmony,  and use color and value to make it work. It was not dependent on a fabric that was attractive to begin with.
This is one I did with a very cutsey calico chicken print. The exercise was all about creating an interesting design. It you can ignore the cutsey of this you can appreciate the composition and design.
This is another one I did. The fabric had a larger more interesting design. It was in some ways a bigger challenge and in others easier.
I also used more of the panel print for the border. This one is hand quilted emphasizing the shapes and design.
I had another print that I added to the back of the quilt for the hanging sleeve which shows parts of the original panel.
Now well over 20 years later something I originated is being popularized in a new format.
There’s nothing unique about equilateral triangles and they have been used in quilts since the early era of quilting.
The thing that is unique to this type of design was made possible by rotary cutters and equilateral triangle rulers.
Another thing that makes this work so well is an equilateral triangle is a shape that can be tessellated
Of course there are other shapes that can also be cut from layered identical prints but the triangle is the one that so many people are using today.
Today's date is a palindrome! 4/15/14!!!!

Monday, April 14, 2014

Simply Sparkly

This is the finished quilt top I created with the Pointillist Palette 2 fabrics. It is 70 x 70 inches.
I named it Simply Sparkly. It is a SIMPLE design to make and the Pointillist fabric makes it SPARKLE.
The strong graphic image is equally at home on a wall or a bed.
It would be a perfect wedding gift.
What student wouldn’t be thrilled to get this to take to college with them in the fall?
The FREE pattern will be available sometime in May.
This picture was taken after it was quilted.It is not easy to see the quilting on the full image.
I enlarged a portion of this quilt so you could see the quilting better.
You will be able to purchase precut strips or yardage to make this quilt from your local quilt shop starting sometime in June.
Let them know you are interested in this so they will order enough precuts or yardage for you to make this.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Palms For Palm Sunday



Looking up!


Looking ahead!


Taking a close look!


Taking a look at two!

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Designing On The Computer

It has been quite some time since I used the computer to design a quilt.
I thought it might give me some ideas how to use some of those gorgeous ice dyed fabrics I created recently.
The background on this design is one of my hand dyed fabrics.
When I work with the computer creating designs I am not creating a quilt I would most likely piece.
I am creating ideas that I can start with. I also thought this made a great puzzle. Click to Mix and Solve

Friday, April 11, 2014

Pointillist Palette 2 Project

When I saw the fabrics composing the Pointillist Palette 2 I knew I wanted to use the full width of the fabrics to showcase the glorious colorations.



I cut a strip of each fabric and arranged them in a pleasing order to showcase each one.

When I was pleased with the arrangement I printed several copies and played with them to get a composition that was simple, yet sparkled.

Stay tuned as the piece develops!