Saturday, December 16, 2017

My Grandson Jeff

My grandson Jeff Sorensen graduated yesterday from University of Wisconsin Parkside.
His parents both graduated from the same school.

His degree is in chemistry and math.
I am proud of you Jeff.
I don’t think I have ever posted 3 times to my blog in one day but this is great news.

My Granddaughter Jessica

Jessica nursing school graduation
She graduated from nursing school yesterday. Congratulations Jessica.
You will help fulfill the shortage of nurses in this country and I know you will be a great one.
It is not often I make two blog posts in one day but this is something I am so happy to share.

Family Santa Claus Quilt

For several years each member of my family has been able to pick a quilt to take home with them when we celebrate Christmas. Jeffrey got first pick one year and he did not hesitate at all choosing his quilt. I made this attic windows quilt and added each grandchild’s name to Santa’s list on the quilt.

Quilt portrait
Santa is checking his list!

Friday, December 15, 2017

Almost Crazy Christmas Quilt

I made this quilt with the extra blocks from the Almost Crazy Christmas vests I made. It was purchased by one of the collectors of my work. 

This one has a crazier design and was made from the irregular pieces from the edges of the vests. It is also in a private collection.
These are two other vests I made from the pattern I designed. I had so much fun making these I made more of them than any other garment I had ever created. I made smaller versions for my granddaughters. I also sold many finished vests (as well as kits and patterns) at our boutique at the Chicago Botanic Gardens.

Thursday, December 14, 2017

My Beautiful Florida Daughter Lauren

Look at that beautiful smile! She has been this happy since she was a baby.  You have seen her in some of my other pictures but for some reason I never took her “Portrait with the quilt” before.
We had lunch together today at our clubhouse and I had planned on a photo there which I forgot. Then she got the car packed with the huge quilt I gave her and was ready to leave and remembered so I had her come back inside to take this. I took two pictures and they both were great.
She is one of those people that makes you happy to be around. Everyone loves her.

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Having Fun With My Quilts

Making a few changes
6 point star color change to greens
I do love green
Swirling colors

Monday, December 11, 2017

New Afghan In Progress

This is the afghan I am currently knitting.
It is very different than my usual ones.
I am using one strand of a bulky yarn and have close to 20 colors of the yarn. I use an entire skein and then change color.
It is so soft and comforting. I wish there was some way I could share with you the feel of this yarn. You can bet I’ll be knitting a shawl or cowl with some of this yarn.

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Bags, Pouches and Odds

red green borders pounch
I have been making a lot of “little things” with leftovers from projects. The reds, greens and Christmas fabric make this bag perfect for the Christmas season.
Log Cabin knitting needle holder

This was an unfinished class project for a sewing kit. I didn’t add all the inside parts and just finished it with the zipper. I use it for my collection of bamboo double pointed knitting needles in the larger sizes.image
Zipper bag from a machine needle punch experiment piece.
This little block had a border around it. I played with it and stitched and tucked to get this odd 3 dimensional little pouch. There is a zipper on the back.
Sometimes it is fun to just use up odds and ends when one is not ready for big projects.

Saturday, December 9, 2017

Our Family Knows How to Dress For The Holidays!

Christmas 2016 packer nate and jeff
These guys are well dressed.
Who’s turn will it be to wear this shirt in 2017?
And who will get the honor or wearing this one?
Who is their team?
Stephanie is sharing her L   O    N    G scarf with Blake!
No Greg, that is for…………
Beautiful on her.
imageA frog for our frog guy to put on his shirt or jacket!
So those are just a few of out families “favorite” clothes!