Friday, May 22, 2015

My Wearable Art Patterns

I’ve had a request from a friend to show the patterns from my pattern company

Blue Ribbon Patterns.

Almost all of them (and the most popular) are the wearable art patterns.

I’m going to share some of them with you on this post.


This photo was taken at a style show of my designs in Michigan. It features my 5 models and myself. In case you don’t recognize me I’m third from the left.

Some of the garments are one of a kind, although they may be based on one of my patterns and others are direct creations from my patterns.


This is the cover of my No Sweat Checkerboard Shirt.  It was the best ever selling wearable pattern for over a year in the country.


Here is another shirt made from the pattern.


My Prairie Point vest was consistently a winner. I did the pattern after a friend who didn’t do wearables said she’d make it if I did a pattern.

She made several of them and so did thousands of others.

All of my patterns were designed to flatter the figure and came is vanity sizes XS, S, M and L.

In my opinion no one is an XL.


This group of ladies took a Great Spirit class from me (maybe in Indiana!) and sent me the picture of them wearing their shirts. It’s always a pleasure to see students complete projects.

I’ve shared just a few of my patterns here and hope to share others some time.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Some Of My Favorite Color And Pattern Hand Dyes

Loden/olive colors have long been a favorite of mine. I love the patterning I got here.
This burgundy/rose fabric has great crystal patterning along with nice value contrast.
This nicely crystal patterned purple piece almost looks like it is lit from behind.
An interesting combination of colors with great crystal patterns.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Fairfield Fashion Show Garment

This is the other garment I designed for the Fairfield Fashion show years ago. The patchwork fabric is composed of fabric using my original technique of Tubular Spiral Patchwork.
The sleeveless coat is my original design pattern.
In addition for all the solid color cottons I included some copper and silver gold lame. I placed them between similar colors so as not to interrupt the color flow.
I also created an original design black polished cotton jumpsuit to be worn with it.
A flattering design for any figure.
It will never go out of style.

It debuted at the IQA Quilt market in Houston that year.
It then also was shown at IQA Festival. When it was modeled at the IQA Festival it was very special for me. My parents were visiting my brother's family in Houston and my Mom was able to see the show with me. We were seated at a special table with designers with garments in the show. I think Judy Murrah was at our table.
It travelled for a year to shows and conferences around the country.
It was selected as one of a few garments to travel to the show in Europe the next year. If I remember right the show was in Austria.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Design Dilemma

This is one of my Eight Pointed Star For One Armed Quilter quilts. I am so pleased with it.
The problem is I am having a hard time choosing the background to put around it to square it off.
I had planned on using black but found that since the black on the star area is a printed fabric so it is different than a solid black.
I’ve considered using some other colors but I’m thinking they may fight with the graphic star design.
If I finish it with this shape it will be very difficult to hang on a wall.
I plan on solving this dilemma soon.

Monday, May 18, 2015

My Quilt Gallery


I am sharing several views of the quilts in the lower level of our home which I use as a gallery.


The quilts you are seeing are not my most recent work, but I feel they have stood the test of time as good work.


This quilt is the other piece I did from the same fabric, color and order. It’s always fun to see how you can start  at the same place and how the view can change at the finish line.


I try to display the quilts in a way that colors flow from one to the next and also so they work with the furniture and accessories in the room.

The hooked rug on the chair was designed by me and my Mom hooked the rug.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Some Of My Less Than Lovelies!


I have been sharing my best work recently. Not everything works.

This piece has been dyed probably 3 times and I believe it also may nave been discharged. I do have one more idea that I think will salvage it.


I am not sure if this was a piece I had under a piece I ice dyed. It sure is not successful at this time.

I can see at least one or two more layers to salvage it.


Although this piece has some interesting areas as a whole it is not a winner.

The saving grace with hand dyed less than lovelies is the fact that they often can be cut up and used with other fabrics for fabulous results.

I’m not giving up on these pieces with the hope of salvaging all of them.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

How Can You Design A Quilt With One Of A Kind Fabric?

I have been doing a lot of fabric dyeing recently.
Each piece is one of a kind.
So many people live in fear of using these fabrics because if they make a mistake there is no more.
If I wanted to use this piece of fabric knowing there was no more if I made a mistake I would print it with my computer printer.
If would be a good idea to make multiple copies. Be sure you make a note of the size of the original piece of fabric as you will want all the others you print to be sized at the same ratio to the original.
This is a smaller piece of hand dyed one of a kind fabric that I would consider using with the one above.
This could also work with the other 2 fabrics.
I could also use this fabric.
In addition to all of these I could also use some solid or almost solid hand dyes. I would take photos of those too and print them.
I do recommend saving the images of each fabric so you can print more if you like.
I hope you will no longer be afraid to cut and use these gorgeous one of a kind fabrics you create.
You can also use this same idea if you have a “too precious to cut” commercial fabric or have a limited amount of a specific fabric.
Once you have come up with a design you like all you have to do is cut it from your fabric in the appropriate size.
You could use a very simple traditional quilt pattern and make it very contemporary with your one of a kind fabric. Simple designs are usually the best way to use these complex fabrics.
UPDATE: One person commented that it is NOT appropriate to scan and print commercial fabric. I am not suggesting you scan and print it as fabric. I am suggesting you scan to a paper copy to play with to decide how you will use it. That is a perfectly permissible way to design.