Friday, February 27, 2015

Sixth And Last Quilt Layered For Now

I finished layering this quilt. It is the last one I am layering until I get these 6 quilts finished.
I picked up my machine that was being fixed so nothing can stand in the way now.
I am now ready to start the machine quilting on the remaining 5. I DO love to do machine quilting, especially when I can just play and move around.
Several of this group will require some precise quilting.
It is going to be great when I can add all 6 of these to my finished quilt list.
It will not be a race to see how fast I can do them. I’ll do it as the spirit moves me. Having them ready to quilt makes it easier to listen to that spirit!

I have had questions about the design of this quilt and the fabric. I am adding another picture which shows one yard of the fabrics. I designed the fabric and it is available through Spoonflower from this link.



I added the blue hand dyed fabric as a design element.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

3 More Quilts Layered, 1 Quilted!


I was able to get 3 more quilts layered. Once they are layered the quilting goes quickly on most of my work.

I even got the 6 pointed star in the foreground quilted.

It is done with a technique I developed to make it easy to piece 6 pointed stars with no sewing yourself into a corner!

Hope my machine will be back soon as my little machine will not handle any of these well.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

3 Quilts Layered


My current priorities are to get some of my quilts layered and ready for machine quilting.

My main sewing machine is being fixed so I want to have several ready when it is finished.

The smallest ones could be quilted on my smaller machine.

For those of you who are quilters you may notice I have used two different types of pins to hold the layers together.

On small quilts I often use my flower pins and double dip them and then bury the sharp tip in the layers. This works very well.

I often do this on larger quilts too. This time since I am going to be layering about 7 quilts I knew I would run out of pins.

With this in mind I used safety pins on two of these quilts.

Hopefully I will be able to make some quick progress on these quilts as soon as my machine comes home!

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Still Haven’t Found It

If you have been following the search for the CC I am continuing to search for it.


I can’t believe I put the CC in the dryer while I was loading the wash machine…but I did. Took it our though before I ran the dryer so where is it?


Oh yes, now I remember I put them in the dishwasher so I could get it unloaded quickly. But where did it go from there?


Of course- right on the top shelf of the pantry – or so I thought. It’s not there.


Of course, I got out the mini shopping cart I use for napkins and plates when I entertain and I must have put it away with the shopping car. I just went and looked and I found the shopping cart but not the CC.


I wouldn’t think anyone would want CC with hot homemade bread…but I guess someone might have. The bread is gone but I still can’t find the CC.

Since I won’t be having a party soon I guess I still have time to look for it. Hope I find it.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Behind The Tree

I finished this quilt which is the coordinating one for Brain Waves.


Here is the completed quilt.


You have seen this version before. When I studied it I realized I need two more branches on the lower left.

And that is what got me into trouble when the coordinating quilt was underneath if when I stitched those lines. The story was on yesterday’s blog post.

I hope I NEVER do anything like that again!

Another one named by the same friend that named Brain Waves. Do you think I should let him continue naming some of my quilts?

I think it may have gone to his head as he is naming the dresses worn on the Oscars! The quilts fared far better than the dresses did!

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Brain Waves


I have finished another quilt, but not without a major bump in the road along the way.


This is what it looked like last time I showed it to you.

You may remember I was making two companion quilts. I decided the companion quilt needed two more rows of satin stitching. I got the stitching done on the companion quilt although it wasn’t as easy to do the stitching as it had been doing it the first time. Then I looked for this quilt so that I could trim them.

It was right underneath the other quilt and I had satin stitched through both quilts!

Of course I had no choice but to remove the stitching. It was not easy to remove as it was a very narrow row with the stitches very close together. It didn’t take me as long as expected – only about 3 hours. Of course it helped that my friend Sally was her working on her quilt so I had someone to talk to while I did it.


When the satin stitches were removed they left very prominent needle holes in the quilt.

I cleaned up the loose threads and steamed it but the holes were still obvious.

So I threaded the machine with the same thread I had previously used and proceeded to add three more rows of stitching.

I barely had enough thread and finished the last row with less than a yard of the thread I was using!

I turned a lemon into lemonade as the extra rows of stitching added more interest and movement to the piece.

I did have help naming this one in a brain storming session with a friend.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Some Of My Prize Winning Quilts

A message from a friend this morning gave me the idea to share a few of the quilts I’ve one prizes with.


The colors in Thirties Baskets are not the colors most people would associate with my work. Yet, there are many things about the design and color selection that are my style. I can’t remember what awards this one got as it is not one of my most recent works.


Five Forever won First Place in the Quilters Express To Japan contest. Quilts had to be made with a certain group of fabrics. It was shown at the Yokohama Quilt Show in Japan.


In Living Color was a winner in the Jinny Beyer/RJR Palette contest. I won first prize professional.


This is the center area of Bordering On A New Millennium. The entire quilt has been a difficult quilt to get an accurate photo of. this photo shows the colors very accurately.


This is the entire quilt. It won First Place Large Quilt in the Jinny Beyer/RJR border fabric quilt contest.

Since I don’t produce quilts to enter contests for the most part I don’t have records of what quilts won what awards. I am sharing these from memory.

I was more likely to produce quilts and then find they are perfect for a specific contest.

There are many others that have won awards and maybe I’ll share them another day.