Sunday, April 19, 2015

Four Color Parfait


I had some purple, blue, green and yellow dyes leftover from something I dyed so I thought they’d make a great parfait set of pieces.

Somehow the blue seems to have disappeared and I have no idea why.

I love the crystallized patterns you get when you parfait dye.

These fabrics would be great for appliqued flowers, but I don’t do flowers or applique!

Maybe some fused freeform flowers?

I’m sure I can come up with something  to use them for.

What would you use them for?

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Dyeing Layers Again–Is It Done?


I’ve done several layers on this piece. I can’t even remember exactly what I did and with what colors.

I was thinking it needed more. An artist friend who I respect said she felt it was done and she loved it.

What do YOU think?

Friday, April 17, 2015

I’ve Started Quilting This Circle Quilt

You may remember seeing this quilt when I was layering quilts recently.


I worked on the quilting of the circles and the red lines yesterday.

Today I was busy shopping, eating jelly beans and napping so I didn’t get any more quilting done.

All I have left to quilt are the black areas which I admit are the major part of the quilt.

It’s really straighter than it looks, but I don’t take the best photos!


In this picture you should be able to see the quilting lines.

You can also see the safety pins I pinned the layers together with. On a quilt this size I usually just use my flower pins to pin the layers. Since I layered so many quilts at once I ran out of flower pins.

I am looking forward to finishing the quilting on this and then the facings and casing.

I have several more to finish in the next few weeks and a few more fabrics I need to dye.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Company On Wednesday


Elizabeth Sweeney and her friend Jim came to visit me.

Elizabeth and I have “known” each other for two years but have never met in person.

We had so much to talk about concerning our fabric dyeing art.

We each approach it in different ways and enjoyed hearing what and how the other one creates our work.

She is a very creative vibrant artist.

She has a new website she created recently:

Jim is a talented stained glass artist and a really nice guy.

It was a fun visit.

And if you read this Elizabeth I forgot to let you and Jim chose amulets. Next time I’ll make up for it.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Overcoming Sensory Overload

Yesterday I shared photos of my studio/great room on this blog.

I don’t need the experience of living with the fabrics too long to become one with them.

The scene in the great room is calmer now, if you can call my decorating style calm!


I’ve moved the fabrics you’ve seen and some you haven’t seen to the bed in the guest room.

My eyes need a rest occasionally so I can process what I have seen and decide where to go next.


I’ve put some of the recently dyed fabrics on the design wall for a possible composition.

I did this several days ago and I am growing to like it. Sometimes we need to walk away for a while to see things in a new artistic light.

I have a feeling I am going to be sewing these pieces together like this. I will have to do some trimming to make everything fit.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Living In My Studio

The photos you will see have not been staged. They show how I live and work in what one would call my great room.
Ice  dyes in the distance on the wall, couch and love seat. It gives me a chance to look at and study them and possibly get an idea of how to use them. Of course it also allows me to enjoy them and drink in the colors.  I guess it is pretty obvious this wasn’t staged with the vacuum cleaner in the photo! (Or maybe it was to make you think I vacuum!)
A big pile of recently dyed fabrics piled on the folded up cutting table that I tuck under the extension on the kitchen island.
A multipurpose area….viewing recently dyed fabric, roll of fabric for new cushions for old lanai furniture and pole rolling and cutting area on kitchen peninsula.
Sewing machine, works in progress and supplies that I need at hand.
Go cutter, supplies and scrap fabric bin to cut pieces in my “spare time”!
My computer and my knitting.
When I am able to see and live with my art in progress if sparks my creative juices and allows my brain to work to come up with yet more ideas.
I occasionally neaten up the “studio part” when I am having guests that need a place to sit or eat!
I also have “family” guests who just find a spot that is not covered to sit or a convenient place to eat or have dessert…you know who you are!


Monday, April 13, 2015

Heat Wave With Scattered Thunderstorms

We’re having a heat wave, a tropical heat wave………..
with scattered thundershowers!
imageBIG splotches of rain!
And at the end of the day everything will be all right as the rain and the heat brought down from above will make everything clean, the grass and the flowers will grow and we’ll be grateful.