Sunday, January 22, 2017

Two Weeks, Two Hats Knit, Two Packer Wins

I knit GREEN and GOLD!
You can bet I will be knitting another Packer hat today!
Caleb showing off his Packer hat
Caleb was the first recipient of one of my crazy funky Packer hats.
Kevin said if I knit one for him he’d never take it off! So he got the second one.

And true to family photo ops here you see the hat with a toe!
But you also see the glitz and all the different textured yarns to make this special and fun.
WHO will be gifted with hat number 3? It has to be someone who has the chutzpah to carry it off and wear it! Let me know if you think YOU are the one……….
Jeff Jr? Heidi? Nate? Jeff Sr? or someone who is not on this list????

Friday, January 20, 2017

9 More Days Until My Solo Show Opens

Ice Tapestries and Shibori Quilts
Anderson Arts Center
121 66th St
Kenosha, Wisconsin
Over 80 pieces in 8 galleries
Opening Reception: Sunday January 29th, 2017 1:30 – 4 pm
Show Dates: January 29-March 19 1-4 pm daily Tuesday – Sunday
I was able to get some pictures of the show today. These are only teasers and are not edited for the very best clarity.
I just want you to get an idea of what you the show features. This is my major work for the last 3 years. Everything started with white fabric. I have dyed, painted and otherwise changed the fabrics.
All of these pictures were taken before the lighting was done to show each piece to it’s best advantage.
It was exciting for me to see the way Candace Hoffman has hung the show. She has a real talent for making work look fantastic. She said people who have been in the AAC for one reason or another this week are very impressed, excited and planned to come back to see the show once it opens.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Successful Sharing

Many of you know that I have been working for several years purging and passing things on to family, friends and making donations.
The cabinets you see here are 2 of 4 that we had in one of the bedrooms. When my granddaughter Heidi and her DH Nate bought their first house I offered them the cabinets. They originally came from Porters in Racine. They were happy to get them. These two are in their dining room in their 1924 house. The other two are in their office.
I also gave them the Pickard china which is the same age as I am. I acquired it in the last 10 years. I really didn’t use it and Heidi loved it so I gave it to her. She picked it up Sunday and just sent me this picture with it arranged in the lighted cabinet.
She still could use a few more serving pieces and I will continue searching for them for her.
I am so glad she appreciates this. The pattern is called Hemlock Syncron and is very Oriental in silver, gray, black and red….very striking and tasteful.


Bread and butter plate

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Journey To January 29, 2017

This morning my car was packed with my work for my ground breaking show Ice Tapestries and Shibori Quilts. This may not look like a lot, but it was arranged and layered to get everything there in perfect condition.
As soon as my grandson Jeff got done working he arrived to drive the quilts and me to the Anderson Arts Center.
When we arrived there my grandson in law Nate was there to help Jeff unload them and get them inside safely.
Candace had set up this room to be ready to receive the work. The floor coverings would keep things clean and she could view the work to decide where she would hang it for maximum impact.
I can’t wait to see how she displays things. I am also anxious to share this exhibition of the culmination of creating beautiful work for the last several years from white fabric and turning it into beautiful colors and designs with you to see.
I hope to see you there.

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Looking Back At My Work And Looking Forward

As I am getting ready for my show I am looking back at both recent work and work from years ago.
Sacred spirits for walgreens 8 x 10
Christmas and the quilts the family chose also has me looking back at older work.
As I look at each piece I see some of the thought and design process what went into each piece.
But I also can not tell you exactly how I created most of them.

I may or may not start with a general idea and them make choices as the work tells me what it needs.
I would be hard pressed to duplicate most anything I have created in the last 20 years. The work I created before that may have been more “planned out” before I started making it.
I love the fact that I can see a very definite progression in the work I am creating now as compared to my early work.
Yet many people have said they can spot a piece and know I was the creator.
I do have to give credit to the fabrics. When I started making quilts there was very little suitable fabric available to make a quilt. Today there is more commercial fabric available than any time in history.
Add to that the artist made fabrics that we create with and there are no boundaries.

I do remember when I said I wouldn’t dye fabric as was too much work and I bought the fabrics from other dyers. The raisin colored fabric was dyed by me but the other fabrics were purchased from another dyer.
Today I am dyeing and painting all the fabrics I am using currently. This may change.
monets garden 1
I have been asked if I will continue on the path I am currently on, I have thought long and hard about this. I feel there are still a lot of stories to tell and expect to continue creating my own fabric and using it to create art. I also am considering using some of my fabrics and using them with commercial fabrics or antique textiles. The sky IS the limit and I know I will just go where the wind blows as I live a serendipitous life and create in a serendipitous way.

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Ice Tapestries And Shibori Quilts





I hope you all will be at the opening so I can see you and you can see what I have been creating for the last several years.

If you can’t make the opening the show will go on for almost 2 months.

I will be at the opening but will head south soon after that.

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

26 DAYS And Counting!



Only 26 more days until my solo show opens with a lovely reception. Several people have asked for details so here they are.
It is at the Anderson Art Center 121 66th Street Kenosha, Wisconsin.
The opening reception will be held on January 29, 2017 from 1-4 pm. It is free and open to the public.
The show continues through March 19, 2017.
The Anderson Arts Center is open daily Tuesday-Sunday from 1-4 pm. ...
I will be showing over 80 pieces of my work that I have created by dyeing and or painting previously white fabric. I will have the entire Art Center (8 gorgeous rooms) to share my work.
The building itself on Lake Michigan is awesome.
Candace Hoffman is the curator and she knows how to display work for the maximum impact. The lighting is always amazing too.
Kenosha is located half way between Chicago and Milwaukee and is an easy drive if you are in the area.
Don't miss will be a show that will be talked about for years.
I WILL BE IN ATTENDANCE at the opening as will my family and friends from near and far.
I hope to see YOU!