Monday, April 9, 2018

Newest Quilt–My Hand Carved Block Prints

block print quilt finished
About a year ago some friends and I got together and carved our own blocks to print.
Then a few days later we met again and practiced printing with them.

I brought a variety of fabrics with and experimented with different paints, brushes and rollers, and how they worked on the different fabrics. I was bound determined I was not going to purchase any other paints or supplies.
I was semi pleased with most of them. Robbie kept telling me they were good prints.
block prints before cutting part
All of the fabrics had been shibori over dyed with black or red dye.
Fast forward to last week when I decided to cut them up and make something.
The irregular spacing made it a time consuming process to fussy cut and get the most useable prints, I used 30 of the 34 I was able to cut.
I spaced the block I had most of every other space, filling in with the others.
I cut narrow strips for the border from what was left.
My favorite part creating this quilt was doing the spiral machine quilting. It has become a feature in my recent work.


The Inside Stori said...

Such a great combo of techniques!!!!

Robbie said...

WOW! This did turn out great!!! But I had confidence in your block printing results! HA Wonderful, Kay!!! I love it!