Saturday, April 14, 2018

Dye Dogs-No Rules- Hitting Them Out Of The Park

I have two special BFFs who love to work with fabrics and all that that entails as much as I do.
About a month ago after a chance remark by one of them I gave each one of them half of a Dye Dog.
Robbie took this picture of hers before she did anything to it. She said the colors weren’t true but you can see the pattern in it. Beth’s had a similar pattern but more subtle. I cut them both from one piece of fabric.
What a fantastic composition Beth did using her Dye Dog as the background. It is so lovely and tasteful.
This is a close-up of Beth’s piece. It you look closely you can see the rosy colored areas that were part of the manipulating when I dyed it.
This is Robbie’s Dye Dog. She loves handwork and comes up with so many unique ways to use it. The addition of the yellow really took this to a new level. If you look closely you also can see the original marks from how I manipulated this fabric.
It’s fun to see two totally different compositions which started with such similar pieces from one of my Dye Dogs. It is obvious they both put a lot of thought, design skills and construction details in their pieces.
I feel like a proud mother since they used my original Dye Dog fabric.


Robbie said...

We are so glad you "adopted" us, Kay! And the dogs have new homes!!! I'll be working on the hand stitching for some time but will bring with me next winter so the 'dog' can revisit with you! thanks again!

QuiltSwissy said...

I love when someone else can see something in one of our pieces when we can't. Although I do find it frustrating that I couldn't find that in it myself........

Susie Q said...

Very interesting to see how these artist used your fabric.

The Inside Stori said...

Each of you hit a home run!!