Friday, April 6, 2018

Chasing Rainbows 6

I am so pleased to have finished another quilt in this series.
Each one is very different than the others which is my goal.
The coloration of this one is more limited that the previous ones. It will be an easy quilt to live with and will evoke a peaceful feeling, all the while keeping you interested and seeing something you haven’t seen before.
Blue I satin stitched 3 31 2018
This is the fabric I created by dyeing several times before I did the satin stitching on this finished piece. If you are one of my Facebook friends you may have seen me post the fabric recently.
I really love making these. They are very labor intensive as I need to do a lot of thread changes, design and color decisions. Yet, a finished work is so satisfying.


The Inside Stori said...

What an effective way to add more interest and texture without taking away from the original design!!

Robin said...

Beautiful- I'm floating on the water!