Saturday, April 21, 2018

Is It A Quilt Or A Pillow?

While I was making Olympic quilts I started one that I thought would be a great small wall quilt.
When I put  it on the design wall I realized there was not enough happening to make it an interesting quilt.
That is when I decided it would make a great pillow. I quilted it and stuffed it very full so it stands up on the couch.
Fast forward and I have recently finished quilt pillow number 5. They are all quilted and each different. I call them ART pillows as each was carefully composed and quilted and finished as an expensive custom pillow is.
This is the front of Art pillow 5 before it was made into a pillow.
Here it is after it became a pillow.
These two pillows coordinate well.

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bonnie banks said...

you've got the coolest pillows....