Monday, April 16, 2018

My Talented Friends

I already shared the work Beth Sherman and Robbie Porter Payne did with my Dye Dogs.
In addition to sharing those we each shared what we had been working on.
Beth has done a lot of research and work recently with bleeding tissue paper. She used it on fabric and other surfaces. Some of these pieces were ones she did previously and now layered the color on from the bleeding tissue.  I was very impressed with all the different ways she used it.
robbies nature quilt1
This is a quilt Robbie made a while ago. I believe it was for a nature challenge. I was impressed how tasteful if was with so many different stitches and embellishments. It worked because it had a limited color scheme, yet many values of each color.
It’s great to have such wonderful girlfriends who enjoy the same things I do and continue to add to their repertoire.

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Robbie said...

Always fun to share our work with you Kay and get valuable input and advice from you!