Monday, April 30, 2018

Stage 2 Redecorating The Master, The Rest Of The Story

This is the opposite wall from the one you saw yesterday.

You might be interested in the bedspread and window treatment..
I finally found a large enough bedspread in a color I liked.
BUT….I wanted matching draperies.
What to do? I bought a twin size bedspread that was exactly the same other than size.
I cut off some length, cut it in half and hemmed the edges. Since I only needed side curtains it worked perfectly. It could also work for large windows with larger bedspread sizes.

I also purchased new sheets, blanket and mattress pad for a total new bed dressing. The sheets are lavender and the blanket in deep teal.

You also can see some other objects in this photo. The stain glass window is something I purchased many many years ago and have used in various locations.

The painting over the bed is a layered painting I did. I believe I did 5 layers. It is a very spontaneous piece. I never knew what the brush was going to create until I put the loaded paint brush on the canvas. I also had no idea where I might use it!

I hope this gives you some ideas for your spaces.

A before picture when it was decorated for Christmas.

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