Sunday, April 8, 2018

Family Fun Night

We started off with dinner at one of our favorite restaurants.
Sarah, Tina and Andy waiting for our dinners.
Andy and Kendall waiting for dinner.
If Andy looks happy it’s because he didn’t have to pick me up at the airport today!

We have a family rule of not using your phone at the table….but Drew is forgiven as it was a business call.

Next it was back to our house where everyone had their favorite ice cream.
Then it was time for brainstorming for names for my newest quilts.
Kendall held the quilts for the family to brainstorm ideas for names. She will make a great replacement when Vanna is ready to retire.
Andy and Tina coming up with possible names. Andy has lots of experience doing this. This was Tina’s first time and you can see how she was closing out the world and thinking about names and was very good at it.
This is such a typical Andy picture.
It was a fun night and everyone got plenty to eat and had a good time.

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