Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Sharing Some Recent Shibori Dyeing

I have now done a black, blue, red and black shibori bucket.
My total yield was over 60 pieces.
I did a black shibori overdye with this multicolored mandala. It has the look of stained glass.
Do you remember my Olympic Quilt 2’s ugly fabric I used in the border. It went from ugly to gorgeous. The section I didn’t use was still ugly. I did a black shibori dye over that and now it is exciting.
This piece needed some more definition which I was able to achieve with black dye and clamping sections.
I am pleased with the results of all of these.
I need to think about each one before I decide what I will do with them.


The Inside Stori said...

Such good definition dyeing with black….which is notoriously difficult to achieve.

Robbie said...

Black is always a great is black and white for those of us who don't dye a lot! HA

Susan said...

Wow! Those are really pretty - good job!