Monday, September 8, 2014

Quilt Number 400–Old Florida


This is the 400th quilt I have finished. My goal was to reach this number this summer and it’s still summer!

The quilt is hand painted on raw silk. The shibori fabrics used for the borders are both silk and cotton.

If you think of Florida as Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Orlando, the theme parks, the ocean, the Golf and the interstates you may not understand this quilt.

If that is your view of Florida you have missed the best part.

One of the greatest parts of Florida is between the coasts, and a little less than half way down the state.

There is a part of Florida that is disappearing as northerners build out some of the most wonderful parts of the state.

Have you been to the horse country around Ocala where some of the best race horses in the country come from?

Have you been to some of the little towns like Micanopy, Eviston, Mt. Dora, Eustis, Lake City or any of the nearby towns?

Have you driven the back roads and seen the moss hanging from the trees?

Have you taken a boat ride on the back waters?

Have you seen the birds, creatures and vegetation native to Florida?

Have you see the old buildings, some in shambles and some kept up beautifully?

Have you met the people who have been born and raised in Florida and are proud of their state?

It can be a softer more gentle Florida without the hurry up and wait mentality.

If you can’t answer YES to most of these questions it’s time you took time to really see Old Florida before it disappears.

This quilt pays homage to that special part of Florida – it is not one particular place, it is my vision of OLD FLORIDA!


Annie said...

Been there, done that! The "Old Florida" of my childhood days is fast disappearing. I grew up in Florida, and although circumstances took me away, it is still "home" to me. I still have relatives there and visit when I can. I'd much rather drive down Hwy. 301 through the small towns than race down I-75! Thanks for your portrayal of Old Florida!

Maureen said...

Beautiful Kay, can't wait to see it in person, I know it will be even more colorful.

Robin said...

Love your quilt. It could also be OH in the small towns. I'm finally back to reading blogs. I'll be moving to Holiday, FL. in Dec.

Nancy Fanzlaw said...

Yes, I know it well. Old Florida is where I was raised and have raised my children. I totally get this quilt, and it is lovely.