Sunday, September 25, 2016

Moving Day

On Saturday Heidi and Nate moved to their first ever new home.
moving day 1
This is what our garage looked like shortly after they had started to move things out.
moving day 2
The guys are loading one of the 4 large very heavy cabinets I gave them. Heidi is watching from the sidelines.
moving day 1a
Sometimes I have a great bright idea! When I got all my new outdoor cushions I thought maybe the old ones would be something they could use to cushion things as they loaded the truck. You can see the blue printed cushions separating the furniture. They worked perfectly and if I would have had more they could have used them.
moving day 3
Looks like the truck is full here…..but…..Nate thinks of things as  giant game of Tetris and it is amazing how his mind works! After this picture they loaded SO MUCH more in the truck.
They also filled up Heidi’s car.
They will be back as there are still more things they couldn’t fit in the truck. When they picked up the truck they were given a smaller one than what they had reserved.
I am sure they are going to be so happy in their new home.
I will miss both of them…they are special family!

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