Wednesday, March 11, 2020

I'm Knitting Pin Cushions

I love to have some simple knitting to do while I watch TV.
My mother had a pincushion I loved and remembered. I could not find a pattern for it so I just experimented. This is my attempt to replicate it. I used a variegated yarn and this reminds me of a rose.

When I finished the first one there was this beautiful orange color left along with other fall colors.
I decided I'd make a pumpkin pincushion.
Both of these were done without patterns.


Robbie said...

Very unique! Clever you!

Del Thoma said...

Very cute. Please write some patterns to share or sell. Lobve. Del &KoKo ⁷

Robin said...

These are pretty but how doyou keep the pins from falling in? My quilting pins are very narrrow. Pumpkin is cute

The Inside Stori said...

Clever and cute!!

Anna Marie said...

These are really cute! Love the colors.