Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Oh, Christmas Tree(s)

I really feel like I accomplished something today.
I figured out how to get all the light cords to a place where I could plug them into an adaptor with a switch so it will be easy to reach to turn them on and off.
I also draped the tree tables which was quite a challenge.
The last thing I did was to decorate all three trees.
I'm quite pleased with the way they turned out.
I took this photo at night so I could photograph them with the lights on.

I was also able to get the lights set up on the light bridge in the master bedroom, which is where the three trees are.

I have 14 days until the Christmas Tour. I have a few more things to do inside and then I will head outside to put up the lights and the decorations in the yard.

1 comment:

Mary Stori said...

Gosh Kay....the evolution is so fun to watch. This is coming from someone who has managed to avoid decorating for the last 6+ years!