Tuesday, November 2, 2010

What Else I Did On My Vacation

I didn't want to bring a sewing machine on such a short trip so I brought a lot of prefused hand dyed fabrics and some base fabrics so I could create when the spirit moved me.

I decided to do a negative/positive design and just free form cut.
These are the two halves before I flattened and arranged them.

These are the two images I cut, each on a different background.

I decided to put each of them on the same background. Here is the first one. It is not finished but it often takes me a while to decide What Next?

This is the second image and I have done a little more with it, although it also needs more work.

I ran out of time to work on them as there were other things I wanted to do while on the island.

Eventually you'll see them again.

Click to Mix and Solve
Surprise, surprise!!
I've a puzzle for all of you who enjoy them. Hope you've still following the blog to see this.

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