Wednesday, August 24, 2011

New Floor In Office Finished

One of my projects this summer is a new floor in my office.

I hadn't expected the installer would be able to do it until the end of the month or sometime in September. I heard from him yesterday and he said he could do it today.

I was thrilled. I had most everything out and ready for him to work. My grandson arrived a little before he did this morning to help move the heavy file cabinets with him.

In about 5 hours it was done and I absolutely LOVE it.

The picture shows it before I started putting things back in it.

After seeing all those clean and neat offices on HGTV, I'm going to put a little thought into this and see how I can make it look as good as it does now even after everything is put back in there.

I guess that means keep everything Black, White or Woodtone.

I'm off to Walgreens to get some Black and White folders, etc as soon as I finish this.


Rashida Khanbhai said...

I love your new office space. The wood looks great.

Exuberant Color said...

I wondered how you kept your office so clean! The floor looks great. Isn't updating fun?

Marty's Fiber Musings said...

Oh, you lucky person to have such a great office space. Of course it will always look like an hgtv office!!

Sarah said...

I LOVE this office - it's so open and bright and I really like the 3 file cabinets supporting the desk top. Congrats!