Sunday, August 21, 2011

Playing With Color - Mandala Fabrics

I have collected quite a few of Judi Yakab's Mandala fabrics.
One of my goals was to collect a color flow of fabrics that flowed through the rainbow and inclued some neutrals.

This is my collection as of today.

I can see some areas where I could use a few more.

I also look at the pattern on each one when I am deciding what to purchase.

If is not necessary for the pattern to be perfectly symetrical for me to chose one.

The way the colors blend and the textures they create is also a consideration.

To date I have only had time to piece on quilt from these.
More will follow as my time opens up.

I have so many ideas what I can do with them. I am looking forward to creating some freeform assymetric pieced designs.


norma said...

Yummy fabrics! Are they hand dyed?

Majid Ali said...
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Judi said...

those look great in the order you have them. I need to make some more as soon as I'm caught up with my quilting, can't do both at the same time to close together.

Mishka said...

Those fabrics are gorgeous!

Robin said...

Love the wheel of color- how about a puzzle>