Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Still On The Same Track This Week



I’m enjoying documenting some of the things I am deacquisitioning. This is a group of 6 pieces of Blue Fish clothing from the late 1990’s.

All are NEW WITH TAG. They are very RARE, desirable and collectible.


This is a 5 piece NWT group of FLAX by Engelhart – cheerful and flattering.

Of course each items is selling individually.


This Christine Foley sweater is perfect for an elementary of nursery school teacher, or anyone who likes letters or colors.

There are a lot more. You can see them all here:


As I continue toward my goal of getting rid of 5000 things this year, I am happy to part with things that someone else will treasure.

Having some of them documented on my blog makes it easier to let them go!

1 comment:

Mary Stori said...

One wouldn't need to be a school teacher to love the alphabet sweater....I LOVE it and it'd be mine in a heart beat as well as some of the other bluefish garments....but darn it.....they aren't my sizes!!