Saturday, August 3, 2013

My One Track Mind…………..

I haven’t posted to my blog a lot recently because my mind has been on another track!
Seems I accomplish more when I head straight down one track at a time!

The current track I am on is selling some of my Blue Fish and other special clothing on eBay.
This is one outfit that will sell this Sunday evening between 7 and 9 pm PST
They are New Without Tags and are very rare pieces. They will sell individually so stay on line to get both pieces as I posted them 10 minutes apart.
This thermal hooded pullover will also sell in that same time frame. The painting was done by Brian of Blue Fish fame who is now painting for another company.
This Blue fish top and pant will also sell. It is new without tags since when it was made they weren’t doing paper tags on the clothing.
Of course each piece I sell counts toward my goal of purging 5000 things this year!
This is one of my last Blue Fish collector tee shirts and it will also be selling during this time period.
These 3 coordinating pieces will each be selling individually.
There are more but you’ll have to go to my eBay page if you want to see them!

Another reason I have decided to post these is so I have a memory of what I have parted with.
It was so much fun to post the graduation/confirmation cards and I’ll always have them now.
I may be parting with these clothes, but I can still enjoy them – even though I can’t wear them!
In fact, most of them were never worn as I have too much in my closet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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