Wednesday, October 2, 2013

I’m Making Progress!


If I showed you a current picture of what’s left in my closets you’d say “I don’t believe she got rid of anything”!

So I decided to show you empty hangers. All these hangers had one or more pieces of clothing on them when I started by eBay journey a few months ago.

I keep all my things on padded hangers to keep the shape – particularly the shoulder area.

There are still more empty hangers upstairs I haven’t brought down yet.

There are also pant hangers not in the picture.

Now do you believe me?

I’m still emptying hangers and will add more to this basket in the next few weeks!

Not only can I see what I have in my closets now, I can put outfits together.


Robbie said...


★Erica★ said...

Aunt Kay, those are the prettiest empty hangers I have ever seen ♡