Tuesday, October 1, 2013

I’m Still Working It On eBay!


I am at the part of this journey where I am selling some things I thought I’d never part with.

These 3 collectible pieces are some of them. I just don’t have enough time to wear them so they will become part of someone else’s collection and I hope they will show them off by wearing them.


This skirt and jacket are also from the same Fall 1997 Blue Fish Collection.


This Geisha Tee was something I special ordered. The Geisha Tee is the most desirable of all Blue fish tees. Since I have never worn it it’s going to a new owner too.


Lest you think I only have Blue fish in my closet, here is a FLAX jacket with a hand dyed shibori scarf.

They are each in separate auctions and I also have listed the pants that match the jacket.


An Eileen Fisher linen sweater with a Carter Smith collage scarf – each in separate auctions.

Yes, there are also a lot more listed this week and if you are so inclined you could see them at:


I still have a ways to go, but I AM getting there!!!

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The Inside Stori said...

I waas stunned when you mentioned '1997 collection'......it's amazing how timeless these designs are....no wonder they continue to be so collectable!