Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Ice Is Nice!

Especially when it is dyeing on a HOT day in Florida!


This is one of the folded pieces I ice dyed two days ago. I used totally different colors than I had used for the last batch of ice dyeing.


For this one I used a very pale pink print with black details. It was on the top layer.


This is the same print but it was on the bottom layer.

I am learning new things each time I play with ice dyeing.


Deb said...

You're taking Ice Dyeing to a whole new level! I'm going to have to try the folding technique next time I dye! Did you use dry powder or mixed up a liquid concentrate? When I come down to visit next winter we've got to do this!

Kay Koeper Sorensen said...

I AM using dry powder.

Kwiltzby Stephanie said...

What fun! I love where you said you live in your profile...are we neighbors? :)

Michele Lasker said...

Kay, your fabric is lovely!

Nienke said...

Wow, that first piece is incredibly beautiful!

Chris said...

I always scrunch when snow dyeing. I will have to try folding since that fabric is beautiful.

Hilary Florence said...

That top piece is fantastic. Ice dyeing is on my list of 'to do'. I'm busy making ice cubes in the freezer. Do you have any idea what you will now do with that piece? It is so gorgeous on its own.
I do hope your fantastic sun isn't an important part of the process, because we definitely don't have that in Devon at the moment!