Friday, May 2, 2014

Run For The Roses!

Living in horse country the Kentucky Derby is an important event for the year.

Although I haven’t had time to check the horses for this year, usually a majority of them have Marion County roots.


Last night I made this container called “Run For The Roses”.  I had been wanting to make on like this for quite some time.

Things finally jelled as I remembered some rose fabrics in my collection.


Here’s a top down view of it. The inside is also a rose fabric.


I lightened up this close up so you could see the red rose fabric on the inside.

It was a fun project that didn’t take as long as I expected.


The Inside Stori said...

Hey...this is really neat!!!

Robbie said...

GREAT!!!! Now what will you put in it! I thought it was to hold some 'picks' for the Derby!

Createology said...

I like this very much. At first I thought it might be a Kentucky Derby Hat!