Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Family Fun Night!


It’s a rare occurrence that both sons are in town at the same time.

We had an impromptu pizza dinner and get together this week.


Left to right: Jeff, Kierstin, Jeff Jr., Julie, Greg, Nicholas and Jared.

When the grandkids get this old it is next to impossible to get them all here at once so this is less than half of them.


I think I have somewhere between 5 and 10 million things in this house. Jeff needed a punch to punch another hole in his belt.

Amazing that I was able to find it right away. It was Grandma Sorensen’s. I sent it home with him and I told him to put it somewhere so in case I ever need it again I can borrow it.


Shortly after that Kierstin was surprised to find out her Grandpa Jerry got his masters degree from the University of Wisconsin – Whitewater. That is the school she will be starting her freshman year at this fall. I was able to find the picture of him in his robe and the graduation program for her in a short time too. Love the fact that I still have my memory!

After dinner several of us had our phones out and the grandkids gave me some cell phone lessons!

It’s always a good time when the family gets together.


Robbie said...

What fun! And so glad you have your memory. ;)

Unknown said...

Great picture of the boys! You are right a fun family night is the best. And this crew looks like they have many things to teach you.