Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Ice Dyed Tapestries–First Finishes

I am working very intensely finishing the pieces I have dyed recently.

Each one takes a long time to finish as these need to be perfect.


This was the first finish and I am pleased with it. It makes me think of Monet’s Garden.


This was my first successful attempt creating a blue and brown piece. Even though I may start with the dyes I think will produce a specific coloration that isn’t always the case.

So much of what happens is serendipitous.

Yet I do have to know how to use colors as I choose what I attempt to create.

I can’t say there have been any real failures, although some are more exciting than others.


Sally K. Field said...

Kay---I REALLY like your blue/brown piece. It has a lot going on in it! Thanks for sharing--Sally

Barb Forrister said...

Love seeing your work, Kay. It's beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

Jean Fetterman said...

Do you have any tutorials on ice dyeing? If not, you should!! I'm sure Craftsy or Quilting Arts would be interested. I'll be your first student!

Robin said...

The blue brown piece really draws the viewer into it. Well done.

XElizabeth Rivera said...

These Tie dyes are beautiful. One looks like you are looking thru flowers in the garden. They both are remarkable.

Stacy Michell said...

Hello Kay, As a long time fabric dyer, user of procion dyes, I remember learning that the dye stops working at around 50 degrees, therefore the ice technique has always concerned me. Years ago, before I had my great studio space, I worked outside a lot. Sometime as winter would approach, some pieces would get a little frozen over night. I recall getting great colors, and crystal patterns until it got just too cold, and then nothing.
Now that we have groups in for classes at the studio, and serve lunch when we do a full day class, my husband wants an Ice Machine for the kitchen! That Blue brown piece is so BEAUTIFUL, the funds for an ice machine just might get approved!
Keep up the good work!