Friday, June 24, 2016

Contemplating Names For My Newest Finish

Each and every finish of a piece for my show makes me feel good. It means I am that much closer to the finish line.
I have finished 19 so far in 2016. I have about a dozen more that have to be finished and after that I will regroup and decide what else.
The rest of the show will be pieces I’ve finished earlier. I will have to say I am thoroughly enjoying working on this series.
My overall lifetime finish now stands at 455 pieces. That spans a long time period. There were years where I wasn’t quilting and there were a few years with NO finishes as I was burned out from the previous year.
I feel lucky to be an artist who’s work is mostly in fibers. I can trace this back to before I even started grade school when I got excited by yarn and fabric.


Robin said...

Looks like a 4 leaf clover in the center- Celtic dreams

Colleen Potter said...

this is my first visit to your blog... what beautiful creative work you do ! This piece is gorgeous - fiber reactive dye ??? the minute I saw it I thought 'kaleidoscope'. I also thought "we must be neighbours !" because I live in the middle of nowhere as well !

Angela said...


chev37 said...

I see Owls in the corners and scattered throughout this piece. aka Give a Hoot, Hoot n' Holler, not good at naming great pieces like this.