Friday, July 1, 2016

Farewell Picture

My granddaughter Jessica and her friend Kevin arrived at 8:30 last night and we headed straight to Seiberts Pub for a late dinner….delicious as always. Kevin got to experience the world’s best and biggest Rueben sandwich and he was able to eat the WHOLE thing.
We sat up and talked until way after midnight.
This morning they went to Glaze and ordered the kringles for the family get together tomorrow. They brought home a delicious coffee cake that I am going to have a hard time staying away from.
They headed out by 10:30 this morning to visit Jessica’s other grandma and to go to the beach in Fontana to swim if it gets warm enough of at least walk along the beach.
From there they’ll be heading north to spend time with Kevin’s family.
They sure know how to pack a lot of visiting in a short time as Jessica works on the 4th.

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