Sunday, July 17, 2016

My 4 Most Recent Afghans

These are some of my most recent afghan finishes.
I have been enjoying knitting these for a long time, but this year I have finished 7 of the 14 I have made. Number 15 is almost done.
It is a very relaxing activity and doesn’t require any attention to a pattern as I knit.
But the thing I think I like best is how I can combine various colors of yarn that are perfect for the home of the recipient.
Fortunately I have a large collection of yarns in almost any color I need. I not only rely on color but also texture as that makes these so tactile and warm.’'


Robin said...

There's nothing like a homemade afghan to offer a cuddle to family and friends when you aren't there. I wish I could finish 14 projects a year in addition to all you do with quilting when do you sleep?

Robbie said...

Just lovely!!! And gives you something to do! you need something else to do! HA HA HA

Dar said...

Beautiful colors in your afghan. They look lovely and probably feel even better.