Wednesday, September 13, 2017

My Studio And My Work–An On Going Process

I am always tweaking my lists, projects and studio organization.
At the present time my studio is full of works in progress waiting to be completed and an assortment of other fiber related things.
My cutting table has pieces of leftovers from projects that I will use to create new work. It also has many  things for various other uses.
There are several projects waiting for attention on my main sewing machine!
I went through a lot of boxes and bins and pulled out small projects to finish when I have short stretches of time to sew.
These are some of the quilts that are in line to be quilted soon along with other supplies, finished work in the background and other stuff.
Yes, this is what a working studio looks like when I am creating and trying to finish things. It is definitely NOT meant to be a gallery or show room at this time.


Grace said...

oh, my! I have just a couple squares of that Door Co. screen print!

Robbie said...

Glad someone else works on multiple projects, ideas, etc.! Like minds, right! HA

Tammy Stack said...

I would feel quite at home in your studio!