Thursday, September 15, 2011

Fall In Wisconsin - I LOVE It!

I'd like to share a bit if fall in Wisconsin with you.
You can't see it yet, but you can feel it.
The weather is cooling off...that is until the next warm day.
You pile an extra quilt on the bed since it is not time to turn on the heat yet.
You wake up in the morning and snuggle under the covers, not wanting to get out and face the chill in the air.
Once you finally make the move the air is invigorating.
You choose something from the closet that you haven't worn since last year and delight in the cozy warmth.
You head to the kitchen for a hot beverage and a hot breakfast.
You are now ready to face the day which can turn warm again before it cools off in the evening.

It's a wonderful time of year as you anticipate the colors that will soon be changing and the leaves that will be falling. It makes you think about football, pumpkins, corn stalks, taffy apples, cider and how fortunate you are to be spending fall in God's glory in such a perfect setting.

It's also perfect quilting weather.

It's my favorite time of the year in Wisconsin.

This just in: I gave up and turned on the furnace!


Kathy said...

Same weather in Michigan today, but I resisted putting on the furnace...just got a sweater! I agree, this is the perfect time of year. Love it!

Gale, pursuing as much as I can as fast as I can! said...

Will somebody tell me why I live in Florida when I sooooo love the cold????

Gale, being very jealous ... of both of you!!