Friday, September 9, 2011

I'm Back After A L O N G Absence

I've been busy doing a lot of house things.
I've mentioned them briefly before and I am still working on them.

A few days ago I received this hanger for this long narrow quilt. I had ordered it over a month ago, but it was on back order.

I think it really shows off the quilt.

I still am working on my home projects. It is a good feeling to see how much has been accomplished to this point.

I have taken giant steps getting rid of things and organizing things that I have kept. Even if no one but me can see the difference it has been well worth the time and effort I have spent doing this.

I have had a question about where I got this hanger for the quilt.
This is the link to it at halycon Yarns:


Nina-Marie said...

ohhh Kay this is quite stunning - I love love love it!!

Mary Stori said...

PERFECT!!! Can you post where you got it?

Anonymous said...

The quilt is wonderful! The hanger adds well to "The Look".