Saturday, September 24, 2011

Great News - My Real Live Studio Assistant

Quilting Granny loved to flaunt the fact that she had quilting on her lap, but she really never lifted a finger in the studio. I don't think she wanted to mess up her hair!

Now I have a real live studio assistant who does an excellent job at anything I ask her to do. I am happy to have her working here any time she is available.
She wrapped fabric on 6 more poles today for me to take to Nancy Crow's barn when I take the Pole Dyeing class the middle of October. I did one myself and she put me to shame with her skill so I let her do the rest.

Jan Myers-Newbury recommends you hang your fabric to dry after prescouring it. She said it takes the dyes better.
I did another load of fabric and Heidi hung it to dry. With the heat on and the dehumidifier running in the laundry room it is almost dry in about 3 or 4 hours.

One of the next things she'll be doing is pasting up dye samples for me in the personal color palette I dyed last year about this time. She will thoroughly enjoy that. I started playing color with her when she was 7 days old. They say babies can't distinguish color at that age, but I don't believe it. She has a fantastic sense of color and color arrangement.

She says of all her jobs (and she has others) this is her favorite. I am so lucky to have her to help me. I could keep her busy for months or longer. Sure wish I could take her along to Florida!


Anonymous said...

Swoon... you are going to the "barn". And you no doubt will be the best prepared.

Watch out for cows at that place and have a great time.

Mary Stori said...

You are one lucky gal Kay.......

Deb said...

Ah,that's cheating! Getting someone to wrap your poles for you! Nah, just kidding, can I send mine up to have her do those as well? I guess I better get busy, our time at the barn is fast approaching! Hey I wish you could bring her with you and we could all share her help! Ok, now off to wrap poles myself!