Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Thanks For The Memories!



I know someone is going to be thrilled to win this set.


This ICON handbag “The Procession Of The Brides” can be used with just about anything.


Someone snapped this one up almost as soon as it was listed.


4 matching pieces in a rich color called Iron Rust


Another gorgeous CS Collage silk scarf


A regal royal purple set with velvet and organic cotton. This was one of those outfits I had a real hard time deciding to part with. It’s fantastico!

Yes, I’m still holed up listing on eBay – maybe one or two more weeks to go.

Right now I am listing a lot of things I rally had to convince myself to release them to new owners.

If you want to see the rest for the week they are at:


As you may or may not know posting these things on my blog is my way of letting them go but still have the memories of them.

My closet is getting emptier and I can find things and put new combinations together.

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The Inside Stori said...

Seriously??? I can not believe the extent of your garment collection....how wonderful that this brand doesn't lose much value if any!!