Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Wednesday Words


Soon many of the things I’m showing you this week will be nothing but memories for me.

This 4 piece outfit is a very clever styling by Blue Fish.


These pieces which are a combination of knit and woven have created a lot of interest already.


This is an interesting set. The skirt converts to pants when you button it a different way.

The peplum effect is wonderful.


I am featuring a very large Carter Smith scarf with the top. The possibilities are endless with a scarf this size.


This Isabella Fiore purse was snapped up immediately when I listed it.


A smart shopper scored this Carter Smith kimono jacket before I knew what happened. She made a very good buy saving $XXXX.00 on a brand new garment. Good for her!

These are a few of the things I have listed on my eBay auction this week.

If you would care to see all of them just click on this link:

Of course each item has a full description along with more photos.

This has been taking the majority of my time recently and I still expect to be selling for a few more weeks.

I am finding things to wear in my closets that I had forgot about now that they have emptied out some!

Yes, it’s a good feeling.

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