Sunday, December 22, 2013

Santa On The Move-Day 22- Rerun of a Rerun!

Santa is filling some BIG shoes for the Pack today – Size 16!
He’s asking for a little help so some of his friends are here too!
A Packer Shrine!
The lamp will be lit for the Pack!
Love our Pack!
Bart Starr and a young Jeff Sr. will be cheering for the Pack!
Can Jeffrey Jr as a team captain help them win it?
The ultimate Packer fan’s exercise room.
Thank you Santa for helping the Packers win the last two games.
We LOVE you Santa!!!!!!!!!!!
We are looking forward to another Packer win for an early Christmas Present.

1 comment:

The Inside Stori said...

The re-run worked last week...perhaps it will be the lucky charm again today.... GO PACKERS!!!!! I hope this isn't a repeat comment....we lost power just as I sent the last one and don't think it went through....