Monday, December 23, 2013

Santa On The Move–Day 23



I’m almost ready to head to the North Pole for my Christmas Eve journey.

I changed into my usual red attire so I’d be recognizable. Mrs. Claus made me a new wardrobe since the old one no longer fit after I appeared incognito on Extreme Weight Loss. I know you probably didn’t recognize me on the show, but I was one of the biggest success stories they’ve ever had. To celebrate my weight loss Mrs. Claus decided to change the color on the fur when she made my new wardrobe.

With my new slim trim figure I can load more toys in the sleigh and the reindeer won’t have to work so hard.

I went outside and tested the snow. It’s  not as soft and fluffy as it was in the last snowstorm. This time it is a little crunchy!

I’m heading north so I’ll be ready tomorrow night to fly through the sky and deliver toys to good girls and boys.


The Inside Stori said...

Your Santa travel log has been so enjoyable...thanks for taking the time to create it.

Nancy B said...

Ms. Claus did a great job! I've not thought about changing clothes for the season.

Robbie said...

Not so soft and fluffy here...more like hard, cracking snow...power out for 6 hours but we're back at it. almost delayed our leaving for south. happy holidays...see ya soon!