Thursday, January 9, 2014

Christmas Eve On New Years Eve!

I have been behind on my blog posts due to a lot of things. We were busy around the New Year….FUN busy.

Greg and Julie and the family was here for 3 days which was actually less than 48 hours after subtracting travel time.

We had our Christmas Eve Pizza Fondue party and gift giving on New Years Eve.

After we ran out of our Italian bread to dip, we got out the pretzel bread and used the rest of it on that….cleaned out fondue pot!

Of course after that we all assembled in “The Parlor” and did the annual gift exchange/ family memorabilia distribution.

Greg wore the Santa Claus shirt as it is tradition….a shirt I made maybe 25 years ago that is still in perfect like new condition.,


Here he is studying his Christopher Radko Christmas watermelon ornament he received.


Julie is showing off her beautiful abalone necklace that my friend Peggy made.




A picture of me with the grandchildren.


Blake was clowning around with the Fish shaped barbecue mitts he received pretending they were slippers!


We had a Ho Ho Ho contest and Stephanie was the winner of the Jolliest award!


Jessica loves anything cupcake. She is showing us her cupcake coin purse!


Two of Nicholas’ favorites – his Gator apron to wear when he hosts another pizza party and his golf set that comes apart and fits in a small case.


Jared is wearing Grandpa’s Santo Domingo Heishi beads and holding one of his favorite things he used to spend hours with ever time he visited… a set of golfer Matryoshka dolls!

It’s always fun to have the family for our Christmas celebrations. It would be even more fun if they all were available at the same time!

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The Inside Stori said...

Kay, you have such a handsome family!!!