Friday, January 17, 2014

University Of Wisconsin Scarf!


I started this scarf before Christmas and thought I could finish it for a Christmas gift for my granddaughter who is a graduate student at Madison.

I certainly underestimated the time it would require to knit this.

I have been working steadily on it every day and if you look at the size of the balls of yarn you can see I am nearing the finish line.

It is really much longer than it appears in the picture as it gains length when used as a scarf.

The yarn is a really wonderful slightly sparkly yarn from The Yarn Lady….my very favorite yarn shop. She carries only the best quality yarns,

I am thinking I will have it finished in the next few days.

There’s nothing like Red and White to make a statement.

I hope she likes it.

The last thing I knit for her was Packer Green and Gold in 1997.

That was a long time ago!


The Inside Stori said...

What great Wisconsin loyalty you have!!!

Robbie said...

How adorable!!!