Saturday, January 11, 2014

Fiber 5K To Fight Cancer Will Be Here In 4 More Days!


Mark your calendar for January 15, 2014 and join me as I run the Fiber 5K to Fight Cancer. OK, I won't actually be jogging around a race course. But I will be joining the fun as Fiberart For A Cause's virtual race kicks off with a goal of donating $5000 directly to the American Cancer Society.
Generous Prize Sponsors for drawings means there will be many winners at the 1K ($1000) mark, 2K ($2000) mark, etc., plus a Grand Prize drawing when we cross the Finish Line.

According to Race Director, Virginia Spiegel, "Fiberart For A Cause likes to have fun while raising money to fight cancer, so, of course, there are going to be more "race" details revealed as January 15 draws closer. 100% of donations are given directly to the American Cancer Society through Fiberart For A Cause. Fiberart For A Cause has already donated more than $230,000 to the American Cancer Society thanks to the generosity of fiber artists and patrons."


I don’t think there is anyone who has not been affected by this disease.

I have supported this since the first post card fund raiser and it seems each and every time we raise funds someone else I know is fighting the fight.


I know we are making progress against this disease as I just received a message from a young man tonight who has been fighting the fight for over 3 years and although he has been through a lot of challenges I expect him to win the fight and kick Cancer’s butt.


I’ve been the “Official Cheerleader” to make and surpass our goals and I hope we kick it up and notch and raise far more than our 5K goal!


This year I am donating an 8 1/2” x 11” piece of my Fiber Art. I hope YOU are the winner.


For more information about how you can participate check this link:

There are some great prizes this year, more than ever before.  There will be prize drawings when we reach $1000 and for each subsequent $1,000 and also a grand prize drawing when we reach our goal of $5000.

All money raised goes directly to the American Cancer Society.

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