Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Introducing Jody Webb–One Of My Talented Friends


Jody loves geishas and has done some fantastic work incorporating them as a focal point.

The center panel is an embroidered panel I got when I ordered one of Becky Hancock’s Bodacious boxes.

I fell in love with the piece but knew I would never do it justice so the logical thing was to share it with Jody.

She did not disappoint. It is amazing and she knew just how much to do with it in a tasteful way.

The tiny beads are not visible on the photo but they are one of those touches that bring it beyond the original.

Jody knows just how much to embellish something to make it work and never overdoes the embellishment.

I am so glad I shared it with her.

The piece is very even and rectangular. My photography distorted it.

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Jennifer Croggon said...

have seen a wall hanging by Jody Webb '' Geisha with Parasol'' I am working on this same wall hanging and would love to get in touch with Jody if at all possible.
noticed that her version was a lot nicer than the original, would be awesome if I get some tips from her at all possible
many thanks