Sunday, January 4, 2015

Looking Back And Looking Forward

2014 was a good year.

Many people have shared what they did in 2014.


I finished my 400th quilt, Old Florida.


The biggest event for our family was the marriage of my oldest grandson Blake and Stephanie in Iowa in May.

The wedding and reception were both wonderful. The entire family was there to help them celebrate.

I set a goal to get rid of 2014 things and actually got rid of 3347!

My word for the year was imperfection, something I struggle with but I did achieve it when I decorated the lanai.


I achieved my goal of imperfection when I create these pillows in record time for the chairs.

It was a great year for social activities with long time and new friends. It’s always good to spend time with friends.

We discovered several new great restaurants in Florida.

I created two quilts for Robert Kaufman Fabrics and they were a big hit. The kits for Simply Sparkly sold out several times and to the best of my knowledge are not longer available.

I did a lot of knitting which included socks, hats, scarves and miniature socks.

Christmas was a little late but it was almost perfect. For the first time in a long time both of my son’s families were able to be here at the same time. The only thing that kept it from being perfect was the fact that Dana couldn’t make it as she was back in Madison working.

A few new to me pieces of furniture from eBay were added to the house and normal maintenance and upkeep jobs were accomplished.

This is just the tip of the iceberg for 2014, a year that was gone before we knew it.

As I look forward to 2015 I have set a word for the year. It is SHARE, a word which can be interpreted in many ways and it can also be a way to live my life.

One event I am anticipating is the 57/57 Class Reunion in Florida the end of January. Yes, it has been 57 years since we graduated from Washington Park High School in Racine, Wisconsin. We are the class of 57….the only class that has a song written about us and although I don’t think the Statler Brothers will be making an appearance, we do expect to hear the song from our musical male members!

I hope you will stay tuned to my blog as the events of 2015 unfold and thanks for reading what I have written for the last 7 years.

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