Saturday, December 19, 2015

Florida Family Dinner

I made sure my camera was out and ready to take pictures last night when my FL extended family was coming for dinner.
I blew it....didn't take one picture. Sometimes we get so involved in photographing an occasion we miss out on the occasion itself.
Brenda gifted me with this towel which says it all.
Everyone seemed to be in a nice relaxed pre-holiday mood.
The only one of the family missing was Ben as he lives a couple of hours away.
Patriarch Andy was really experiencing and enjoying his family.
I was so happy Sarah graced us with her presence and happy smiles. 
I was told Drew was bringing his girlfriend....but said "girlfriend" looked more like his football playing friend Trevon of many years,
Mitchell wanted to know if I had baked cookies as he remembered those I had baked for Thanksgiving. I ran out of time and didn't get any baked. I offered to bake some then and there if he would help. He declined so he'll have to wait until next time.
Allison and I spent time looking at some pictures on my iPad trying to find pictures of my granddaughter Kierstin. Allison reminds me so much of Kierstin at that age, 
And last but not least. Brenda! What can I say about her?
While I was relaxing with the family after dinner Brenda and ? Got the kitchen all cleaned up and even hand washed all the large items,
Sink was spotless and she was the first one to use the newly dyed clothes!
No we did not drink the wine. Another gift from Brenda...what a perfect way to dress up a bottle of Andy' favorite!
I made a BIG batch of spaghetti sauce, enough so there was a lot left for them to take home even after  everyone had plenty to eat. I did not use Andy's secret recipe since I didn't want to pay him his required 25 cents royalty for each serving! I have though in the past sent him the required 25 cents with PayPal.
Of course Drew served dessert...two kinds of ice cream and chocolate sauce.
I really enjoyed having them here and most of all enjoyed seeing how they all were enjoying each other.

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