Sunday, December 6, 2015

I Just Returned From Ft Myers


I spent 4 days in Fort Myers, Florida with some of my best long time friends Sharon and Fred Smith.

We always have such a great time when we get together.

Our history goes back many years to the time we had young children.

The days were filled with reminiscing, looking at photographs of the “gang” and our many trips together along with the planning parties that were as much fun as the trips, eating, and being out and about.

They always have such great ideas of things to do in the area.

We went to a wonderful shop called Victoria’s when I had resolved not to spend a thing. It was so much more exciting than what I had expected.

We also viewed some lovely model homes in the area.

Of course we did lunch.

They are the kind of friends who you never miss a beat connecting even if we haven’t seen each other for a while.

And Fred chauffeurs Sharon and I around willingly and patiently waits while we shop.

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