Sunday, May 1, 2016

51 Years Ago Today

This is the house we built with our own hands and a lot of help from friends.
The block work for the basement was done and on May 1, 1965 Jerry and his friends built the 47 foot long beam that would support the house. It was built on one of the walls and the plan was to move it to the center of the wall without it rolling.  If it rolled it could hit the block wall and crack it. Well, things happen and it did roll and ended up in the basement filled with about 8 inches or more of water. But the good news….it didn’t crack the wall.
The next day our friend Ralph (our right hand man and friend) put out a call to our friends for help and at least 6 of our friends showed up to hoist it back up. Success and we were on our way.
Our summer was spent building this little house which has since expanded and is still our home 51 years later.
When we built it the trees you see were not much higher than the roof.
We can never thank all those friends who helped us enough as we would not have been able to do this without all of them.
I had hoped to post a photo of what it looked like originally but can’t seem to find one although I know if is here on the computer somewhere.

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