Thursday, November 24, 2016

Monkey See, Monkey Do

We are having a family deviled egg competition today at our Thanksgiving feast. I am keeping mine under wraps!
My secret deviled egg recipe.
Each year I bring the host some hand made special potholders. This year I decided to change up the gift.
In case you don’t know Andy loves Sock Monkeys. These guys can listen to what you say and repeat if back to you. What better way for Andy and Drew to have a conversation. They are limited to 6 seconds each time they have something to say.
When I set them up Denise and Jamie were here. Denise was doubled over in laughter engaging in conversation with these guys.


Robbie said...

You are so thoughtful in your ideas!! Sock monkey's are adorable!!!

claudia said...

Your deviled eggs made me laugh! I love the sock monkeys! You all must have had a blast for you thanksgiving!