Thursday, November 3, 2016

Long Island Ice Tea?

Well it is LONG and it was dyed with ICE and the color resembles TEA….but it has no connection to an ISLAND or the beverage of the same name.
This particular piece is approximately 22 inches wide and 2 yards long.
Some parts of it are more successful than other parts.
This is the upper portion and the part I feel is the most successful. I have to admit the overall piece did not turn out anything like I envisioned.
I continue to try new things and some are more successful than others. Some are passable and some are downright duds.
But in reality those ugly ducklings can usually be made into gorgeous swans with additional layers of dye or paint.


Robbie said...

Your brown dyed piece turned out WAY better than my brown piece did!! Still looks like a great hand dyed piece.

Carol Schoner said...

You are endlessly inventive, I love iced tea, your fabric is a real wonder to behold. Dye on dear lady!