Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Take Time Tuesday!

I know I have not been present on the blog much recently. I am still on that same track selling on eBay and shipping the packages.


This week was no different, with the exception that I listed more than normal and kept busy, busy , busy. Today I will finish shipping the items won.


This awesome Blue Fish jacket is an outstanding piece I’ve listed on eBay this week.

One lucky person will be the new owner.


These 3 pieces in the color Pomme are also available for a new owner. The teapot jumper and the Dream skirt are that exciting Blue Fish organic thermal cotton. There is even a lyrical print of a teapot on the jumper.

The lycra layering tee is their fantastic cotton lycra stretch fabric with just enough stretch for fit perfectly. When I see these pictures it makes me wonder why I am selling these pieces? I guess the answer is I can’t wear it all and it’s my goal to let someone else treasure these pieces and wear those I have never worn or don’t wear.


Three of the 4 pieces available in the color MUD! How can a color this vibrant be called a dull name like mud?


And the 4th piece in MUD – a thermal dress shown with one of those marvelous Carter Smith scarves.


This is the outstanding Geisha print from a Geisha Tee – the most desirable of ALL Blue Fish tops.


This velour lounging robe by FIRE from Origins in Santa Fe is so soft, rich and comfortable. Origins is rated one of the 10 BEST boutiques in the WORLD!

This is just a sampling of what I have listed this week.

If you are interested in seeing what else I have available check out:


Although this is a way for me to share what I am passing on with all of you, it is also a way for me to memorialize what I no longer have in my closets.

My closets are getting emptier, but I still have a way to go. I keep finding things I’m willing to part with each day!!!!!!!!!!!!

Until next time – whenever that may be……………….

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

On Track And Picking Up Steam!

I am still using eBay to help reduce things I no longer need and want to share with others.


I sold this outfit. It is currently winging it’s way to the new lucky owner.


This ethereal Carter Smith top is also on it’s way to a happy new owner.


This big bodacious SIGNED Carter Smith scarf is going to a thrilled new owner.


A savvy buyer snapped this one up on a Buy It Now shortly after it was listed.


This shirt and pants are currently available in separate auctions for some lucky winner!


These pieces in the new neutral color Twiggy are available to purchase.


This absolutely gorgeous coat/dress is also ready for someone to enjoy as the new owner.


I have one more Carter smith scarf up for auction also.

These are only a few of the things I am selling this week. I’ve finally got on the right track and have listed more than usual and you won’t want to miss the GREAT ones I have available.

You can find them at:


I am also selling patterns, a few kits and collector magazines for those of you who love to sew or just collect the patterns!

They are at:


Yes, I have been very busy – more than full time this week.

I anticipate keeping busy and passing more things on to happy buyers.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Good Times With Family


Last week Greg, Julie and the family were here for a visit. We were able to get the most of Jeff’s family over while they were here.

We had a pizza party on the gazebo – yes, all 11 of us in the 12 x 12 inch space!


Jeff has just said to Greg “You look like the young version of Dad and I look like the old version of Dad!”


The cousins had a great time playing the guitars and ukelele.


Do you see a resemblance between Jeff and Jeff Jr?


Nick is a “little” taller than cousin Heidi!


Although Blake missed the get together, he surprised me Friday night. I was up in the studio working and heard someone come in. I figured it was Greg’s family. Blake drove down after work so he could spend time with the relatives.

It was a wonderful family time with perfect weather.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

My Studio Has Been Turned Into A Golf Course!

I didn’t get up to the studio until late last night and this is what I found. My grandson’s had set up their own personal golf course.
I’m not naming names but one’s name starts with Ja and the other’s starts with Ni.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Still On The Same Track This Week



I’m enjoying documenting some of the things I am deacquisitioning. This is a group of 6 pieces of Blue Fish clothing from the late 1990’s.

All are NEW WITH TAG. They are very RARE, desirable and collectible.


This is a 5 piece NWT group of FLAX by Engelhart – cheerful and flattering.

Of course each items is selling individually.


This Christine Foley sweater is perfect for an elementary of nursery school teacher, or anyone who likes letters or colors.

There are a lot more. You can see them all here:


As I continue toward my goal of getting rid of 5000 things this year, I am happy to part with things that someone else will treasure.

Having some of them documented on my blog makes it easier to let them go!

Saturday, August 3, 2013

My One Track Mind…………..

I haven’t posted to my blog a lot recently because my mind has been on another track!
Seems I accomplish more when I head straight down one track at a time!

The current track I am on is selling some of my Blue Fish and other special clothing on eBay.
This is one outfit that will sell this Sunday evening between 7 and 9 pm PST
They are New Without Tags and are very rare pieces. They will sell individually so stay on line to get both pieces as I posted them 10 minutes apart.
This thermal hooded pullover will also sell in that same time frame. The painting was done by Brian of Blue Fish fame who is now painting for another company.
This Blue fish top and pant will also sell. It is new without tags since when it was made they weren’t doing paper tags on the clothing.
Of course each piece I sell counts toward my goal of purging 5000 things this year!
This is one of my last Blue Fish collector tee shirts and it will also be selling during this time period.
These 3 coordinating pieces will each be selling individually.
There are more but you’ll have to go to my eBay page if you want to see them!

Another reason I have decided to post these is so I have a memory of what I have parted with.
It was so much fun to post the graduation/confirmation cards and I’ll always have them now.
I may be parting with these clothes, but I can still enjoy them – even though I can’t wear them!
In fact, most of them were never worn as I have too much in my closet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!