Tuesday, September 15, 2020

A New Unique Quilt

 This is a totally new way of creating a quilt for me.

I had this section of irregular strip piecing so decided to trim it and attach in to a black base. I had intended to use black cotton for the base. When I went up to the studio in the treetops I remembered I had this rough silk and decided to use it.

One thing led to another and I decided to do a lot of curved quilting. It was really an enjoyable way to stitch. I did find a long repeat variegated thread that was perfect for the project.

I was concerned I'd have trouble with bulk in the corners when I did my usual facings. The corners are as close to perfect as any I've ever done.

This quilt is only about 13 by 18 inches. I am in love with it and hope to use a variation of what I've done for a future project.

Monday, September 14, 2020

I Couldn't Wait For Christmas So Here's the Series I Finished

About 20 years ago I started a set of luggage for my daughter in law Julie. I finished one piece and gave it to her.
The remaining 5 pieces were not finished until this past week. I had intended to save them for her for a birthday or Christmas gift.

Yes, this is the series of 5 pieces I mentioned several times on Facebook.

I was too excited about them and gave them to her yesterday. She loved them.

This is the piece I gave her 20 years ago and she uses it all the time.

I'm so happy to have the entire set completed so she can enjoy it all.


Friday, September 11, 2020

How Long Does It Take To Make A 24 Inch Quilt?


This one took 34 years.
I marbled the fabric and soon after I made the blocks and sewed them into strips. 
I was not impressed so I put it away for over 30 years.When I discovered it again I loved it so I finished it.

Sunday, September 6, 2020

Calling All Former Students - LONG AND FUN!

Whether you took one class from me, were one of my 25 year plus groupies, took classes through Gateway or took my on the road classes, THIS IS FOR YOU!

I am sharing some of the things I have recently finished with photos just to make this post interesting, even though they may not be related to what I am writing about, but to keep you reading and maybe tweak your memory about something you have made from a class project.

I am currenty finishing some projects I taught and didn't finish years ago.
I am working from memory and not looking at my notes.
The one I am currently finishing was a real challenge and I am amazed that those of you who took the class were able to make it, (I can't share the project as it will be a Christmas gift for someone).

It would have been a lot easier if I had pulled up my class notes and it probably wouldn't have taken 3 tries to get the zipper in right side out.

 I had the best group of students anyone could ever have.
It was YOU who pushed me for more, more, more and the reason I developed as I did as a teacher and designer.


I know some of you read my blog and/or my Facebook posts.
I love to hear your comments and thoughts.

I still am left with many unfinished projects because even though a class was finished the project didn't get finished as I was on to developing something new for all of you.

But I do have a prioritized list and I am working on finishing some of them.

Although I am no longer teaching, I continue to develop new ideas and implement them as I work on my own original  ideas, designs and projects.