Monday, July 2, 2018

What A Year This Has Been And It’s Only Half Over

I was honored to be featured in another magazine article. This time it was the July issue of Ocala (FL) Style.

Creative Quilts
Posted June 27, 2018 | By Cynthia McFarland
The Queen of Ice creates art with fabric.
Many women quilt, but no one works magic with fabric quite like Kay Koeper Sorensen, a quilter from Paddock Lake, Wisconsin, who calls Ocala home for half the year.
“When I first started quilting my goal was to make one of every quilt block there ever was. How little I knew!” relates Kay. “My quilting preferences have varied over the years. I love all types of quilts, from the most primitive antique quilts to the most cutting-edge contemporary quilts.”
Kay started out making traditional block quilts before she began making the stunning creations she is known for: one-of-a-kind quilts made with dyed fabrics.
Respected for her masterful use of color, Kay is known as “The Queen of Ice” and has developed her own personal ice-dying technique to make dramatic patterns and colors on the fabric she quilts with.
Prewashed white fabric is soaked in a soda ash solution and then covered with ice. Powdered dye is sprinkled over top. After 24 hours, Kay rinses and then washes the fabric and irons it once it’s dry.
“At one time I bought fabrics dyed by others, but eventually, I realized to get the fabrics I wanted, I would have to learn to dye them myself,” says Kay, who took classes from top dyeing teachers Carol Soderlund and Jan Myers Newbury.
To date, Kay has completed 512 pieces, and her work has been exhibited across the country and beyond. This last spring, her exhibit Florida Ice, was displayed at Ocala’s city hall.
Kay’s current quilts are seldom done with a traditional block format. She works on a vertical design wall, which lets her evaluate and make changes throughout the process.
“All my early work was quilted by hand. Today I use my sewing machine to quilt my art,” says Kay. “The hard edge machine quilting creates is more suitable for the strong graphic designs I create.”
It takes anywhere from 30 to 2,000 hours to create one quilt, and this is only the actual design, construction and finishing time. It doesn’t include the time spent dyeing fabrics and working on design.
Kay taught quilting for over 30 years. Although she’s retired from teaching, as an artist, she will never retire from creating art.

Sunday, July 1, 2018

The Quilting World Is A Small World

I taught quilting locally for many many years.
I have kept in touch with one of my students who left the area years ago and moved to VA.
She did a lot of quilting when she took classes from me and has continued quilting and  excelled over the years.

She retired (young retiree) this year.
She is now working for Jinny Beyer in her studio in Virginia part time.

This week I ordered some real neat mesh tote bags from the studio and they arrived on Saturday.
I opened the package right away and guess what was in the package?
A personal note from my former student Jenni!!!!!! (JJ)
I love the tote bags but I was more excited to get the note from her.

If you ever call the studio and someone named JJ answers the phone tell her you are a friend of mine!

Sunday, June 24, 2018

Marrying Fabrics From Different Dye Sessions

As I study the fabrics I have pinned up on my design wall  I can see what may work together. This is a finished top that will be quilted in time.
I am breaking my rules about not showing unfinished work again, but this is how I can keep track of what I am doing and when. I have a vague idea as to how I will quilt this.

Saturday, June 23, 2018

Contemplating How To Use These Fabrics

I have a lot of fabrics I have dyed.
I find one way I can think about possible uses is to just hang some on the design wall and leave them there so I can look at them and get ideas to use them.

I have already made a decision on what to do with one of these pieces and started on creating with it.
A few of them have gone back to the table with the other dyed fabrics.
One of them told me I should use it on another project I will be working on soon so it has also been taken off the wall.
I may be doing some very simple things with some of these. After creating for my shows recently, working on my Olympic quilts and finishing some works in progress it may be time to slow it down a little.
Another advantage of having them hung on the wall is I start to see possibilities for quilting designs.
It’s not a race, it’s the enjoyable process of creating.

Friday, June 22, 2018

It’s Not Finished Yet!

Y’all have asked to see this so I am sharing even though it is not done.
This is that yarn it took hours to untangle.
Everyone else said they knit it in an hour or two.
I’ll be lucky to knit it in 8 hours or so!
I don’t even like it as I don’t wear boas but it never said it would be a boa.
But I will keep it because I LOVE the colors…my current favorites. I'll come up with some way to wear it.
It’s a yarn that has been discontinued for several years.

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

I Am Sharing A Quilt Block I Designed With Corel

The color scheme for this one is very unique.
Here it is as a rectangle.

Here it is as a square.
Feel free to use the block but be sure you include my name as the designer of the block.

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

My Life Is Filled With Color Everywhere

Color is a passion of mine.

dyed fabrics navy through purple
Dyeing fabric is a passion of mine.

Santaanddyedfabric 006
Seeing a range of colors like these examples makes my heart beat faster.

front Technicolor Vortex Quilt 1
Creating with fibers and fabrics is a passion of mine.

BFebay 005
These dyed silk fabrics make me want to play.

Indoors or out color is important to me.
When I chose the name Quilts plus Color for this blog I really nailed it.