Monday, September 26, 2016

Sacred Spirits

This is the largest and most exciting Ice Tapestry I have created for my solo show.
It is 43 x 89 inches.
I doubt you can see the entire piece at once on your screen so I will add a smaller version here:
I hope you can see it all here, even though you get to see a lot more detail on the larger version.
When pieces get this long it is a challenge to photograph them. So you will have to visit my show to really appreciate this and also all the others.
I’m counting down to the finish of the works and I feel I am on schedule for my deadlines.

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Moving Day

On Saturday Heidi and Nate moved to their first ever new home.
moving day 1
This is what our garage looked like shortly after they had started to move things out.
moving day 2
The guys are loading one of the 4 large very heavy cabinets I gave them. Heidi is watching from the sidelines.
moving day 1a
Sometimes I have a great bright idea! When I got all my new outdoor cushions I thought maybe the old ones would be something they could use to cushion things as they loaded the truck. You can see the blue printed cushions separating the furniture. They worked perfectly and if I would have had more they could have used them.
moving day 3
Looks like the truck is full here…..but…..Nate thinks of things as  giant game of Tetris and it is amazing how his mind works! After this picture they loaded SO MUCH more in the truck.
They also filled up Heidi’s car.
They will be back as there are still more things they couldn’t fit in the truck. When they picked up the truck they were given a smaller one than what they had reserved.
I am sure they are going to be so happy in their new home.
I will miss both of them…they are special family!

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Happy Birthday Kierstin

The family celebrated Kierstin’s 20th birthday at dinner Saturday evening.
I tried to get pictures of everyone but I think I may have missed a few.
It seems like just yesterday my youngest granddaughter was born. She is now a junior at UW Whitewater studying physics.
Heather and Jeff
Jeff Jr. and Cooper
Tracy and Keith
Britni and Daxton
It was a lovely dinner with family and friends.
Happy Birthday was sung and we finished with delicious chocolate birthday cake.

Saturday, September 17, 2016

My Fabric Collection Rearranged

I decided I wanted my fabrics arranged in a different configuration. This is the new arrangement.image
This was the previous arrangement. Can you see the difference?
I made 3 main changes.
1. I moved the solids to the top area.
2. I rearranged all the prints flowing from left to right.
3. I pulled several different categories of fabric from the mix and put each one in their own area.
It took me several days to make it work but I was thrilled when I completed the project last night. To do this often I had to move groups of fabrics at least 3 times to make room for what would occupy the space,.

I am very pleased with the new arrangement and it will help me to find things and inspire me to create new work.

This section contains all my Nancy Crow commercial fabrics.
I will share more sections in future posts.

Monday, September 12, 2016

Another Finish: Geode Diptych

The color, patterns and texture of this fabric was something I fell in love with immediately when I finished ice dyeing it.
I considered using it for clothing, but my cooler head prevailed and it became this exciting 2 part quilt.
It is unlike anything else I’ve ever created. I can see it as ART in so many locations.
The colors would look fabulous in any room, office or business setting.

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Good Vibrations

Good Vibrations
I just finished Good Vibrations.
I did a shibori dye on 6 pieces of fabric. I tried to get a very similar dye pattern on each piece. That is easier said than done with shibori.
Once I had them finished I played with them and tried several different arrangements. This was the most interesting.
To add another design element I inserted a square shibori piece in the composition.
The quilting is not obvious in the full view photo but it echoes the shibori pattern. You can see it better in this close up of one section.
The finished piece may look simple, but I find making those pieces that look simple are usually the most time consuming.

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Making A Little Table For The Gazebo

Last week when Kim and I finished arranging the things in the gazebo she remarked I needed a little table by the chaise lounge. I knew I didn’t have a table that would work, but I knew I could figure something out.
After a lot of searching in the house I found these 2 footed bowls I had bought at an after Christmas sale.
I figured out that if I glued the bases together I would have my little table. I did have the perfect glue that I had bought for a different project that is yet to be created!
But the stumbling block was finding something to make the table top. I searched the house from top to bottom and everything was either the wrong size, too heavy or the wrong shape. So after several hours I decided to search on line.
I spent several hours on line looking for something that was “just right”. When I found what I thought would work it didn’t give all the measurements but I was willing to take a chance. It said it would take almost 2 weeks to get it, yet it was here in about 4 or 5 days.
This black and white metal spatter ware tray was perfect. It fits inside the opening and rests on the ridge at the top. I can take it off to wash if I want to.
The adhesive I used will take about 2 weeks to fully cure so it will stay in my workroom until it is fully cured and then I will have my perfect table.

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Finished The Deck And Gazebo!

I am so please to finally have the deck and gazebo finished with coordinating colors.
Although the original cushions on the deck furniture were top quality they were never something I was in love with.
The gazebo cushions were what I could find at the end of the season to fit my wicker furniture after we completed the gazebo.

I was so pleased to be able to find these red print cushions for the dining table area and the black and white striped ones for the love seat.
The gazing balls were already in my collection.
A view of the northwest corner of the gazebo.
The southwest corner of the gazebo. The lounge had been on the deck previously but I realized it was more functional in the gazebo. I was even able to find a black and white stripe outdoor rug.
The north east corner of the gazebo with the little ice cream table and chairs for lunch or just a visit.
When I do any decorating I always start with what I have or can find somewhere in my house and then add what I need to pull things together. I already had all the furniture, the umbrella, the blue cushions and pillows and all the accessories. My only new purchases for this project were the red and white cushions, the black stripe cushions and the rug. Since the season is winding down I was able to purchase them at very affordable prices.
I am using both of these areas more than I have in the past as they are so welcoming and comfortable.
Hope you will have time to visit and enjoy this area with me.